WIntess node down for the moment, looking to upgrade hardware

in witness-category •  9 months ago

Sorry for the downtime on my witness. I have to get a dedicated server to satisfy the needs of the blockchain, and am currently shopping around ;)

I'm looking to go for 64 GB RAM, if not 32 GB for a short while (but that wont' last beyond a few months at the rate this blockchain is growing :P)

Than you for your understanding. Take care. Peace.

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Additionally, to prevent you from being misled, the Intel E3s have a limit of 32GB RAM and don't come in dual processor format, for 64GB RAM you would need an E5 Processor, for Dual Processors you'd need a E5-2*** - If the E5 is something like a E5-1620, that is only available in single processor format and not dual.

I hope this information helps shed some light on the sort of server specifications you should be looking for. @krnel Happy upgrading :)


Some great knowledge there my friend

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Thanks for the update and good to see you again :))

it is very good, we should always try to be superior to others. thank you

Good luck :)

Its alright we still love you<3

I have a question about witness votes , can you possibly reach out to me via Steem chat

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Where are you friend ? :)

good luck. do it quickly

Good luck finding the 64 GB RAM and getting your witness back up. This place is looking more and more likely to explode at a fast rate this year. It's awesome!