Witness Server Back Online! (Hopefully..)

in witness-category •  4 months ago

Finally got my witness server running with steemd v0.19.5 it looks like!

Been away from the sysadmin side of things for so long I had to pull out my old cheat sheets to remember how to navigate the damn thing and get er running! Oh well, waiting for my scheduled block creation slot to see if she's running properly.. Seemingly my price feed script is buggered too so I'll hopefully get that working here some time tonight!

No hard feelings towards those whom unapproved my witness due to my failure to see the news and update my server software, we're still buddies and I'll work harder to keep on top of things in order to regain your witness votes in the near future.

EDIT: Looks like my witness server is operating properly!

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A lot of people were saying that the witnesses backed off I didn’t know it was all about this. You’re still on my list :)

I was afraid you had called it quits, glad to see you back.

What do you think of burning flagged rewards to incentivize flagging overvalued posts?
As it is now, flagging overvalued posts is futile as most of the value just goes to the next overvalued post in line.

Good to hear you got her back up running. Are you still working with the Vice project? I tried to work my way into being a witness on that chain but it has sort of been closed off in a lot of ways.

Glad that your witness server is operating smoothly, I still vote you as witness. Keep steeming :)

Thank you for the upvote, I appriciate it.

Jesus Steemit didnt become the anarchocapitalistic freedom oriented forum that I hoped for 2 years ago... but atleast it lead us to EOS.

Steem on!

Hey my man, dropped by to say thanks for the votes here and there, it is always certain I have been @klye'd when a few posts in a row take that jump north and I smile.

I can usually tell but I open at least one post and look at the votes to make sure LOL.

Thank you my man.

Keep it up Sir @klye and maybe someday you could get into the top 20 witness and earn money for your steem community purposes. I wish you well. ;)

hopefully run this program smoothly