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Hail to all past, present and future STEEM network inhabitants, welcome to the start of change for the better. After much consideration and careful thought I've decided to start a campaign for a top 50 witness spot.

It's was once said by that in order to truly achieve one's true purpose in life a person must strive to..

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world."

-Mahatma Gandhi

As humans living in modern societies it's far too easy to sometimes neglect the fact that it only takes one person to entirely change the world. Even in recent history we've seen many incredible human beings rise up from the chaos that is life on earth and go on to influence countless lives and change the world for the better through their thoughts, actions, word, inventions and very essence of being.

Now, I'll not even so much as attempt to compare myself to the great men and women of past present and future which have sacrificed their time, minds or even lives in order to help our species as a whole rise to meet our full potential.. But I will go as far as to say this:

STEEM has helped me become a better person

While this may seem like a load of crap that's been carefully shined to make myself more sellable to you, I assure you it's nothing more than unadulterated truth. I'm not a perfect person by any means and in my past I've struggled through my fair share of tribulations, while I still have a ways to go in order to make right with all I've done in my life, as a person I've begun a massive metamorphosis of self which in turn has been highly leveraged by the release of STEEM.

Greater productivity, increased learning aptitude and most of all a genuine sense of acceptance has been bestowed onto me by becoming an active member of the STEEM ecosystem. It's my unwavering belief that I'll be able to help improve the current & future conditions of STEEM and her citizens and ultimately the world.

My Plans as Top Witness & Why YOU Should Vote for Me

With great power comes great responsibility: The STEEM network and her witnesses have a duty to use the power given to them for the betterment of our network but also of our species as a whole. It is my firm belief we sit on top of a world changing tool here with STEEM.

Once elected into a top witness spot I will begin spreading SBD / STEEM to those who need it the most:

  • People in under-developed, impoverished and war torn countries
  • New promising writers and artists coming to the STEEM network
  • Community leaders and those who serve to better humanity
  • Starving developers working on projects to help aid in adoption

While it's common fact that we have many highly qualified witnesses running for the coveted top 19 spots it has got to be mentioned that not all current top witnesses are active or even contributing what most consider the "bare minimums" as to what a witness should do given their position and reward received from the network. While I'm not here to witch hunt or call names I'd like to set the bar by example and show the community what an active and dedicated witness looks like and allow them to place their votes accordingly.

I ask you vote me as witness not because I've written this proposal and asked you to, but that you vote for me because you feel I represent the change you'd like to see on STEEM and in the world around you.

Ongoing Contributions to the STEEM Network

Creating steemd & cli_wallet Documentation

A fair amount of work has been done in the past few weeks getting everything aligned properly to launch my witness campaign proposal. One of the largest components that are under development by myself currently is the exploration and proper documentation of the steemd & cli_wallet clients. The need for this to be done has been expressed by numerous users and parties and I've taken it upon myself to learn what I need to learn in order to write detailed instructions to help current and future developers easily integrate STEEM into their systems.

You can see some of the work I've already done documenting the steemd API in my post:
An Introduction to steemd Calls, Functions and Usage

Coinpayments.net STEEM Ambassador

On top of the ongoing API documentation I've also raised funds through the community to get SBD / STEEM accepted on the coinpayments.net payment gateway which will allow acceptance of our currency and token across 100,000's of web shops all across the net. This will greatly help with SBD / STEEM demand and adoption.

News & Full API/Seed Node steem.global

Another side project for the STEEM network currently under development is steem.global which functions as a Full STEEM API/Seed Node as well as an offchain information / news resource STEEM.

Please add seed node global.steem:2001 to your config.ini files to utilize it for syncing up clients.

How to Vote @klye as Witness

Voting for me to be witness only takes a few seconds and can easily be completed on the page linked below:


Initially I likely won't be in the top 50 witness list for super fast voting.. However you can still easily vote for me by scrolling to the bottom of the page and typing klye:

Eventually when I hit the top 50 witnesses you'll be able to vote for me simple my clicking the beside klye.

Thank you for reading, voting and supporting my campaign!


voted for you dude

fun fact: Awesome us to be a term that meant roughly the same as awful. lol

fun fact awe has always meant to command respect. Aweful and Awesome both mean to command respect, one is by is by force and one is by self admission.
Eitherway you did great!

You sell yourself good :)


Good luck!

How much did I sell for?! :D

Thanks, you have my Upvote!

Yep, you are right, we need

an active and dedicated witness

You've got my vote :)

Klye is my choose

Thank you Zaebars!

I love this article. Happy to upvote. Just posted something about STEEMIT and BLOCKCHAIN that you might be interested to see. STEEMIT hasn't even scratched the surface. Keep up the great work. Cheers. stephen

I will check it out when I get a moment! :)

Thanks I appreciate it. Stephen

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