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RE: Running for Witness: Embracing the Crypto Life™

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Eh that's too much good words lol. really I don't do much at all, just autovote all day long here most of the time now. Got no plans to climb other than what I've already offered on the table here on this post. Up the community dedice and share it out if they like it. Just want write stuff here and keep building SP.


ah you're too modest, you probably come from a culture who exemplify humility (ironically it's often not attain by most in such a culture).......your generosity, optimism for the future, and belief there is still space for altruism in humanity brings balance to our current world of so many who are over-focus on just resources, monetary value, and being self-centrict

you don't know yet, but this is just a first step for you into another're an elected official of Steem now, be it by popularity, by good vibes, by old-school big fishes, or by doesn't matter. What matters is that you can start shaping the direction of where you want Steem to steer as we journey together.

Come say hello in COM Discord.....we need leaders like you to drop by even if it's just to visit our rabbit hole, it will greatly encourages the peeps!

Hey @kevinwong, 加油 (jia you)!

Hey @kevinwong, 加油 (jia you)!

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