Witness Tool Update: Showing `Total Blocks Produced` and `Miss Rate`

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Currently, no other tools are available showing the Total Blocks Produced and Miss Rate for a steemit witness. Therefore, I've added these two to the following tools:

Discord SteemIt Bot

Using the w command followed by steemit witness account prints these useful information to your discord channel.


Adding steemit to your discord channel is easy:


Wechat Channel Bot

Wechat channel justyyuk supports the w command as well:

Online Witness List Tool

Adding these two to: Steemit Witnesses List - Unvote Inactive Witnesses


API Change

Adding these two fields in the returned JSON data.

  • miss_rate
  • total

For more information, please visit Steemit Witnesses List - Unvote Inactive Witnesses

Support me and my work as a witness by voting for me here!, Thank you very very much!


Thanks ever such a lot. A great post ever @justyy

Hi justyy. As a normal witness voter, what should we look out for in this parameter?
High miss_rate indicates the witness node is not performing well? What are the effects of miss_rate?

It is just an indicator, nothing else... Some may configure their server auto-kill so that once a block is missed , the witness will be stopped to avoid missing more blocks.

The miss rate is very nice thank you for creating this tool for us!

Will you make a tool for witnesses that shows votes back and forth because this will be very helpful to see which witnesses voting for us and we vote for?

The data needed would be to check who all witnesses vote for and then compared with witness votes to show mutual votes along with one way votes or no votes. I would love a list of all witnesses showing whether they vote for me and I vote for them to help me keep up with mutual votes!

Thank you for this idea. Will do soon. ^_^

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