Witness Block Error due to Block Too Old

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Most blocks missing are due to "attempting to push a block that is too old"


This is thrown at: https://github.com/steemit/steem/blob/ff9b801615ba8c347a0c3f534ad06adc551b58e5/libraries/chain/fork_database.cpp#L57

void  fork_database::_push_block(const item_ptr& item)
   if( _head ) // make sure the block is within the range that we are caching
      FC_ASSERT( item-&gt;num &gt; std::max<int64_t>( 0, int64_t(_head-&gt;num) - (_max_size) ),
                 "attempting to push a block that is too old",

   if( _head &amp;&amp; item-&gt;previous_id() != block_id_type() )
      auto&amp; index = _index.get<block_id>();
      auto itr = index.find(item-&gt;previous_id());
      STEEM_ASSERT(itr != index.end(), unlinkable_block_exception, "block does not link to known chain");
      item-&gt;prev = *itr;

   if( !_head || item-&gt;num &gt; _head-&gt;num ) _head = item;

That is caused by: when the witness server is to slow to generate a block within 3 seconds - even it managed to generate a block shortly afterwards, it is too late (the block is missed)

How to avoid this? Make sure a good network connection (low latency) is one first thing to check.

Also, make sure the time/clock (NTP) on the server is accurately synchronized.

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Hi @justyy. In the image that you have attached, the witness name in the missed block is aldowshuxley. Does that mean that it was that witness who failed to push the block in time?

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