SteemTool - the Most Delegated Accounts on the Steem Blockchain

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Who are the most popular delegatees on steem blockchain?

By the time of writing, @minnowbooster has 1408 delegators on steem blockchain and @utopian-io has around 35823218 SP delegated.

@steem-ua is currently ranking the second in terms of the number of delegators. @steem-ua has gained lots of popularity in the last two weeks.

SteemIt Most Delegated Account by Vests

I made this tool:


SteemIt Most Delegated Account by Number of Delegations

I made this tool:


SteemIt Top Delegations

Tool URL:

Select a date range (by default – the last 7 days), click to retrieve the top delegation records on the steem blockchain – a good way to know some official moves e.g. @ned’s delegations to some interesting projects.

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I approve your work, friend.

I always like to be informed.

Wow that’s big news for Steem-UA now if we can only encourage those whales to support this project!

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Always good to know what is happening in the steem world. Thanks for sharing @justyy and thank you for all of the amazing support. May you and your family always be blessed.