Fighting Spam with Auto Downvote Trail

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I was told that @postpromoter is spamming the chain with comments every 15 minute (test comments) and then self-upvoting them.


Then, I quickly add it to my downvote trail with -1% percentage.


If you spot spam/abuse, feel free to contact me (you can either [AT] me or comment at my posts) or send email to [email protected] then I'll investigate.

Also, feel free to follow my downvote (and upvote) trail with same voting weight.
You can also delegate SP to me via this tool:

Every little helps!



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行长好,我的账号代理到@justyy 偶尔会出现没有点赞的情况(其实概率还蛮高的),譬如昨天只有一次点赞,前天只有两次点赞。不知道问题出在哪里?能否告知是什么原因?

不好意思,最近点赞冲突太多,我这两天重新重构银行点赞,以后情况会改善的,我先在 你的这一篇 给补上了

Thanks for sharing @justyy

How do I get the attention of you, and all your followers...???
October 10, 2020... 10.9 Hollywood Time...

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