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RE: Resigning as a witness

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You can't be a part-time witness? Like if witnesses worked more like seeds found on Bit Torrent, then more people could run all or some of Steem whenever they want and get paid for it. There should be incentive for people to participate and it should be customizable as opposed to simply all or nothing kind of thing.


I don't think that really works for a top 20, and I have voted against top 20 witnesses who I saw trying to treat it as such. Given that, I wouldn't feel right doing so myself. You need to engage on the platform, be around for emergencies, and work regularly with other witnesses, developers and stakeholders on planning and decision making.

It is possible I may run a backup witness at some point, though most of the purpose for backup witnesses is to rise up in the ranks and then (in the 20-30 ranks) be prepared to serve as top 20 if needed. So it would still take a change in my availability to make sense. That may happen someday, but not now.

I understand it does not work that way. I was simply trying to say it should work like IPFS and Bit Torrent.

Now I understand your point. Yeah in a perfect world that would be great.

someday maybe

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