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Hello Steemians, it's another episode of my interview in which I get to ask some technical Steem questions and also bring you closer to your witnesses.For this episode's interview, I have the pleasure of bringing to you @pjau, a steemian who has a great passion for the Steem blockchain, a steemian who works tirelessly at the witness level by supporting various communities, as well as promoting the steem blockchain in every way possible. This episode promises to be educating, and interesting . Be sure to sit tight and grab a cup of coffee while reading through this great interview.

Meet @pjau


@jamesmovic – Can you introduce yourself and tell everyone a little bit about yourself?

@pjau - Hey @jamesmovic and everyone reading this, my name is Paul a.k.a @pjau. I’m 32 years old and I’m from the UK, England specifically. I am a member of @steemcleaners.

@jamesmovic – How did you first hear about Steem and how do you believe it should or could be promoted to the world?

@pjau - I first heard of Steem when I was searching for a cryptocurrency that was a “social media” alternative to the likes of Facebook, twitter, Reddit etc. Steem fits that profile very well. I think it should be promoted as a complete replacement of
its centralised competitors.

@jamesmovic – When you read posts, what is it that catches your attention and Why?

@pjau - Honestly being a Steemcleaner, I don’t get a lot of time to use Steemit personally. Haha, crazy I know, I’m on Steemit 30+ hours a week, but mainly looking at plagiarism and spam and dealing with that. I have made friends here over time and I do my best to check my feed for their posts. Then occasionally someone will DM me a link of something worth reading. But yeah basically it’s all word of mouth to catch my attention.

@jamesnovic - What communities are you supporting and how?

@pjau - Well first obviously @steemcleaners. For those who don’t know about us, we receive reports from Steem users for plagiarism and spam, and then we will comment on these posts and sometimes
flag them to reduce payout or to hide them completely from Steemit.

I also delegate to a few little projects. They include
@steemflagrewards, a little community that rewards users for flagging abuse. Then there’s @derangedvisions photography contests, some really nice photos get entered into it, you don’t even need to be a professional to enter, beginners are welcome! Finally there is @shadow3scalpel a curation trail for military veterans, while I’m not one myself I like to support community, which is a vital part of making Steem grow!

@jamesnovic - Can you tell us why you decided to become a witness?

@pjau - Firstly a completely selfish reason, I hadn’t ran a server for many years. Hehe, so perfect way to run one again was becoming a Steem witness. By the point I had started it up, I had been thinking for a few weeks that I wanted to become a witness. Anyway while I may still be a little fish when it comes to the other witnesses out there, I will continue doing it for as long as I use Steemit!

@jamesnovic - Can you tell us how you feel about it (witnessing) now?

@pjau - I’m not going to lie, the server side of it, once you set it up, it’s basically on autopilot. The hard part is trying to get votes. I don’t ever expect to be top 20, I’m happy where ever I am placed. :)

@jamesmovic - What exactly does "voting for a witness" means to you and do you think it is necessary for all Steemians to vote?

@pjau - I think you should vote for people who you like, people who take part in communities, people who make apps that utilise the Steem blockchain. Picking people at random is a pointless exercise, why vote if you are going to do that. So no I don’t think it is necessary for all Steemians to vote, if you can’t fill
up your 30 votes, don’t worry about it. Over time you might like someone enough to vote for them!

@jamesnovic - What are your thoughts on the new changes announced for Hard Fork 20 (HF20)?

@pjau - I don’t really understand the Resource Credits and how that works exactly, but hopefully it is a good thing! But mostly everything else I am pretty excited for. Specifically the curation changes will be really nice way to return funds to the reward pool. The only thing I am not a fan of is the flag changes to the
last 12 hrs. This doesn’t make any sense to me, if a post requires flagging it might not get noticed until the last hour, but by then you won’t be able to do anything about it with the reduced effect it will have.

@jamesnovic - Is there anything you would like to say on your own,without me asking the question?

@pjau - Don’t spam Steem. Write original content. If the quality goes up, and the trash goes down, it will help Steem grow, the prices will go up and more people will use it. Oh and join a community or two! Delegate a portion of your SP to worthwhile
causes. Don’t be greedy! :D

@jamesmovic - Any advice you would wish to give to my fellow Steemians [newbies] who are feeling dejected one way or the other
due to low upvotes?

@pjau - We all start with low upvotes, take your time to get involved in communities, make friends. The votes and followers will come!

@jamesmovic - What impression do you have about this interview and what do you feel about it?

@pjau - It’s been fun, I’ve never been interviewed before. Thanksto you for having me, and shout out to @guiltyparties for therecommendation!

@jamesmovic - Lol...thanks for your time and thanks for honoring

@pjau - No problem! :)


@pjau has spoken on the need for all steemians to cast their votes for witnesses whom they trust, if you want the community to keep on flourishing, If you truly believe in @pjau efforts in making the community a better place, if you value and appreciate what he does as a witness, you can support him, and make his efforts count, by casting your vote for @pjau. If you are doing this for the first time, all you need to do is to head down to the witness page and follow the procedures on the image below



You can check out my previous interviews with the names below, and also consider voting for them as witness. @yabapmatt @jackmiler @guiltyparties @scrooger @demotruk @pfunk @good-karma @roelandp @themarkymark @krnel @someguy123 @felixxx @neoxian @adsactly @noisy @D-pend @pharesim @ehiboss @ogoowinner @nnnarvaez @surfyogi @timcliff @papa-pepper, by scrolling to the botton of my previous post

@jamesmovic is just a young guy trying as much as possible to make the community a better place, by promoting witnesses. If you like what I'm doing as a steemian, you can support me in any way you can.


Thank you all for taking your time to read through this interview, and also for voting for these witnesses. Till next time.

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Hi @jamesmovic, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I found out that @jamesnovic and @jackmiler don't exist on Steem. Maybe you made some typos ?

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@pjau I like your honest reply on this interview, you rock... Nice work you are doing @jamesmovic


Thanks @burlarj. You rock too. We all do 😁


Hey, @pjau. Just wanted to say I saw your interview here and now that you've been interviewed, you've hit the big time. Yep. 15 minutes of fame, right here. :)


15 mins is a bit of a stretch. Forgotten before you reach the end. Haha


Ah. Well, maybe this will be the first of many 15 minutes that you have then, as you plug along, doing your steemcleaners and witness thing. I think the gigs could be far worse, especially if you're enjoying what you're doing. It's hard to beat something you like and get paid for. I'm sure there will be others who will want to know more about your witness and what you're up to and all about.

That is a very nice interview with @pjau. He said something that I would like to ask question on.
@pjau - We all start with low upvotes, take your time to get involved in communities, make friends. The votes and followers will come!
Many steemians with high reputations don't like to make friends with those with low reputations. They don't like to give their upvotes to those with low reputations. Please, I need to ask, why is it so?


Maybe these are the wrong people to try making friends with. 😀 There are plenty of high reps that vote and befriend lower rep people you just need to take time to get to know them. Comment about their articles (not just, this article was good. Say something about it). Join them in Discord or too. It's how many of us communicate outside of steem 😀

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Great to learn more from him. Kudos bro

This interview is definitely educating. I believe this is a great first interview for you @pjau. I also believe in your philosophy of getting involved in steemit communities to be able to get upvotes and grow on steemit

I must commend you @jamesmovic for asking questions that bring us closer to our witnesses.


Thank you @chiknows. 😁

Very educative to beginners like us

Nice interview with @pjau. Really educative and interesting one and great job your doing on the blockchain with your kind of work. Upvoted


Thank you for the vote and your nice words :D