intelliwitness UPDATE - July 26, 2018 - What I've learned by being a steem witness

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Being a witness software and hardware wise -- if you are experienced in running servers is NOT the hard part.

Running a witness node SOUNDS easy. It isn't.

  • Initially it seems quite easy to run a steem witness. Prepare yourself a server cluster. Download the software. Run it, advertise your witness node, and keep up to date on all security patches, both OS and steemd upgrades.

  • Maintain a reliable witness, and canvass for votes.

Well that's just the beginning... You soon learn who your friends are... and who they are not.

  • You soon learn how the volatility of steem price often can go low enough where it costs you significant money to keep your witness node operating.

You learn that some people will tell you:

  • I refuse to vote for you, because you don't have any significant projects that I personally like


  • I refuse to vote for you, because you never talk about what good things you do, or who you have personally helped...

So you then start to bring about projects, and talk about what good things you have done for people....

Now people tell you:

  • I refuse to vote for you, because you always talk about what good things you do... I've done lots of good things for people, and I don't talk about myself... a good deed does not need to be advertised.

Running a witness node becomes a popularity contest, and a political adventure.

It's not easy. Your technical skills of running a witness node is secondary to how you are perceived in the community. More than that, how much individual users can personally benefit from supporting you is a key factor.

As a witness node, you can talk about how much you believe in the platform, demonstrate your technical skill by the minimal amount of missed blocks you have, etc.... Very few care.

...but then you get those golden diamond people... Those that have grown to know you over the years... who vote your witness node because of one solid thing:

  • ...your character. Your personality. Your morality of knowing right from wrong. They trust you, and between that and your technical skill, that's enough for them.

I appreciate those golden diamond people. They're fantastic... and I'm glad to know them, and have them support me.

To any witness reading this post... I feel and understand the trials and tribulations you go through each and every day. It's very tough to run a witness node, and especially "break even" for both time, finances, and effort.

Nonetheless, most witnesses love steem -- so the countless hours and effort we put forth, can be gratifying emotionally.

Special thanks to those who have used 1 out of their 30 free spots to vote for intelliwitness -- it is appreciated :)


I voted for you. Good luck. This platform seems really tough but at least there are some rewards and maybe someday Steem will go to the moon.

Thank you very much. I see your vote! :)

My vote for witness for you man.
Thanks for sharing your impressions about.

I see you did it! Thank you very, very much.

This is the first piece I’ve seen with a honesty about the witness process! Most witness content I’ve seen is just like old fashioned political campaigning which is something I tried to get away from im not about politics! The more I learn about the system the more I feel it’s kept way to much in the background and should be intergrated more intiutively into the steemit platform so that when users first begin its part of their account and they need to learn about this fundamental part of steemit

Thank you for the link to learn a bit more about you @intelliwitness. i have made a note of it to read when I have more time. I have a couple of votes left I think so, hopefully, one will go to you.

Thank you for posting about our experience anyway. 😊

I think many people should do this.. I appreciate your post @intelliwitness

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