intelliwitness UPDATE - June 1, 2018 - New software is coming, and I'm ready!

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Getting ready to implement the next steemd release which is coming soon!


As per the recent steemitblog article here and here ...

...HF20 is scheduled for Q3 2018 (which is July-August)

...and a SMT (smart media token) TESTNET is going to be released soon as well.

  • We're following the development closely.

In the meantime I've been working on connecting Perl to STEEM as well as learning Flask and Python.

I'm getting quite excited for what the future is about to bring.

The witness node is up and running great... and my backup witness node is on standby.

If you haven't voted before, you have 30 votes for witnesses, which are free to use..

  • Read this post below to find out how to vote for intelliwitness -- you do not need to be a huge steem power holder. Even little votes help a lot.

  • You will need access to your ACTIVE KEY to actually vote though, so have that ready.

Thanks to everyone who has already voted for @intelliwitness as a non-top 50 witness. I have a full list of who has done that, and I'm very appreciative.

Currently we're effectively at #100 spot. Still need your help to get intelliwitness to top 50 position. :)

Just like some other witnesses, extra funding will help me pay it forward by using some of those funds to help Steem and the community.


Just seen you on whaleshares beta👍

Cool! See you there :)

if there is something else we can do for you @intelliguy please advise...we are here for you...

Glad to see you again. Hope things are good.

intelliwitness has been operational since March 15, 2018

Sounds awesome, looking forward to the release. Also will be voting you for witness.

Thanks -- always nice seeing you.

waiting for the release.. is the beta version of this software thing going to release or not

sounds good. is the beta version of this software going to release or not?

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