intelliwitness UPDATE - April 20, 2018 - working on some fun gaming for STEEM

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Please vote for @intelliwitness as a steem blockchain witness.....

What is @intelliwitness and how, and why is it important to vote?

An article I wrote that explains it (with screen snapshots) is at this link:


I do. We're all working hard. Fun and relaxation can happen at:

  • Steemfest
  • A @timcliff yearly meetup
  • At anarchapulco
  • Any cryptocurrency conference
  • Any cryptocurrency meetup

...or... online gaming with steem friends.

For a long time I've been considering building a game. I've made small software applications, but never a multi-user game that could stand the load and security requirements to be suitable for the internet.

It's a great idea and also a lot of work.

This new game will not be graphically intensive. But it will be intensively fun.

At least that is how I'm designing it to be...

Over the next several months, when I get spare time, I'll be hacking away at my keyboard trying to develop something special that will be interesting and exciting to play....

Some of you will love it. Some of you will be inspired to write your own and compete with mine once you see it.

....I hope both of those cases come true.

If intelliwitness gets your vote, that might actually raise more funds for me to hire better talent for this project.

Either way, there is no ICO, no roadmap, just me working with the resources I have, to do what I can....

So that's my update for this week. I'll randomly drop hints and talk about it more as I progress.. :)

If you've never voted for a witness before (it's free, so try it out) by looking at this link:


A game in line with the style of Mario Kart would be great could be called, "Kart-steem" or something like this name. It would be nice to interact with other steemit users.

Well, maybe. I don't have the skills to make something like mario kart. :(

but I could look for someone who has knowledge in videogames here within the community, I could do a challenge or a contest like some do to get a good programmer

Maybe for version 2 of my game. For now, I'm excited just to make version 1 :)


What ideas do you have in mind for this game?

you won my witness upvote with this post!! i'm defenitely wanna see that game come true!

Strange, I just checked and there is no vote for intelliwitness on your profile.

It is too early to give the details, I have some basic things to write first, like socket communication, creating databases. Just the framework, etc.

Sorry, i dont know what happened, it didnt saved well!! now i fixed it!! you DO have my witnes vote.

hmmm but you should have a idea of what a kinda game you wanna create no? like a car/action/thinking or something like that, i dont know haha. but well, a game related to Steem will be something that we all would wanna play !! remember that facebook attracted MILLIONS of people to the plataform with their video games

You are right, Facebook did well with games. I see the vote, and thank you very much!

Just voted :D

This new game will not be graphically intensive. But it would be nice, if good and likes it can make me happy whatever it does not have to be bought

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