The Concept - To Build a global Steemit Sales-Force!

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The Concept

written by @fyrstikken - vote for fyrst-witness

This document is a complete how-to-sell-steem guide for the sales-force and it describes detailed how to win investors over and get them vested in steempower for the long term commitment. Due to the nature of this document, I will not publish it directly on steemit, but rather selectively chose who gets to benefit from this knowledge as it is very powerful tried out effective winning methods that has yielded over the top results in everything I have done in direct sales since I started over 20 years ago.

In this document you will learn to:

  • Get attention from investors in your area
  • Focus-points and how to sell it in to interested investors
  • Closing the deal, make them swipe that card and power up!

Everybody can become a winner!

Most games in the world are rigged to set people against each other and compete for one winning position, that is the pedagogical horror that hunts our fellow citizens when they run the marathon, cycle in Tour de France or Sailing a Regatta - so before we start with the psychology and how to use simple finesse to your advantage, let us look at our team - Steem

To identify a winning team and support a growing brand!

Steemit is the winning team and Dan Larimer is our Steve Jobs. Without the record-breaking technologies created by Dan Larimer and his small army of dedicated developers there would be nothing to see here and certainly not worth my time or talent working on the steemit-brand voluntarily.

As a professional direct-seller, I never work with brands, products or services I don´t personally believe in or would use myself. That is where my integrity is - in 2014 that strategy failed me in another crypto-project known as "Cryptorush".

I made a lot of people including myself invest in Cryptorush-Shares.

Back in 2014 I had set my eyes on this brand new crypto-exchange known as cryptorush. Knowing how much money is involved in trading-fees alone on a busy day, I wanted to get me a bulk of shares in this exchange so I contacted the owners and they were amused that I wanted to invest in them, but they declined my offer and told me that they had no need for investors as they were doing great, which was true at the time.

Three months later however, they called me back on Skype and told me they had re-considered taking on investors to build "Cryptorush 2.0" which would require implementations of a full set of brand new features for the exchange, and I got to draw it all up the way I wanted the exchange to look like in the future, and we agreed to start a formal approach and begin raising funds and immediately start the development process.

So the owners of Cryptorush established their own token - 100 million total - representing 100% ownership of the exchange and sent me 60 % of those to my account allowing me to lead the project and promote CRS to investors, and they all bought in.

And then they discovered that they had been hacked and all the Bitcoins were gone

So one of the two owners/founders of Cryptorush had uploaded the Bitcoin Core wallet to a public Github repository, and included in those files were the private key to their wallet which had been found and exploited by two individual hackers who used that key, one of them being Ukrainian tapping Cryptorush a little every day, until the second hacker from Asia found the same key and just emptied the entire wallet and drained it completely and bought a brand new luxury truck and left selfies of himself enjoying his new riches on facebook. Yes, all our money was lost.

And then "everybody" got angry with me - because I had talked them into buying the shares

The feeling you get when you become the most hated person among your peers over night, well - that feeling is horrible. I know for a fact that nobody would have bought a single share in Cryptorush if it had not been for me pushing them, but I had nothing to do with the hack, nor the control over the situation - our money was gone, stolen - I lost 150 Bitcoins of my own money that day, it was terrible and all kinds of accusations were thrown at me from everyone and nobody. Specially one of the founders freaked out completely and started communicating to the community over Twitch TV and via a big red text-box on the front page of cryptorush where he slandered me as a scammer and a criminal which lead to a series of events until the Sheriff picked him up one day and put him in an orange jump-suit and sent him straight to jail where he still is and will remain there for a very long time.

Yes - I made a lot of people buy Shares in Cryptorush - They got hacked - I was slandered - But I won in the end!

So why do I want to voluntarily do the same thing again - in Steemit? I mean - Steemit could get hacked tomorrow for all I know, and everyone I have pushed into buying Steem would start hating me... No! Steemit is not like Cryptorush - It is not run by two young adult script-kiddies who shared one brain and half the skills. Steemit is solid, Dan Larimer is a genius - This Platform, the technology behind it - It is Top Notch! There is not one single project on the entire Internet right now that can even remotely compete against the Steem-Machine. I know this, and you know that I know this because I have been playing with every single crypto-currency that has been released since Bitcoin launched in 2009 The Steem-Machine is the best machine and I am a part of it and I believe in it and I know for a fact that I can go out there myself and get thousands of investors swipe their cards and invest in steempower, and you know that I can do it too - just google my name and see how many enemies I have :) You don´t get that many enemies from being bad at selling shares - I earned all those enemies by being a tycoon - a wolf of cryptostreet - pushing the product - the worst kind of product of course, I did not know how vulnerable Cryptorush was, and a MtGox situation was far away from my mind when the hack was a fact - we all lost money, and honestly - since then I have not been very keen on promoting anything crypto-related again. I got burned and I had to fight back for such a long time that honestly I´m still exhausted by the bad experience.

I have 20 years hardcore experience from being the top 1 direct-seller/team-leader in every job I have landed

  • At the age of 13 I started working in Telemarketing and made so much money that the tax-department claimed it was illegal (due to my age at the time)
  • At the age of 18 I built a large customer-portfolio for Europes largest cable-company.
  • At the age of 19 I made my first million and started working for Norways smallest security-company and after three years we had made it into the third largest security-company in Europe.
  • At the age of 22 I started my own company and sold the first IP-TV product in Norway to tens of thousands of subscribers.
  • At the age of 25 I raised $1 million dollars for The Red Cross on a Nudist-Beach in Oslo, Norway over 4 weeks.

Just to mention a few.

So what is the secret sauce, the dirty tricks - the psychology? How do I do it?

That is for the dedicated sellers I will train to know, and not for public scrutiny or insight. Direct-Sales, Fund-raising and Marketing when done correctly are pure art-forms in the people-department, and before I can or will continue, Go to and vote for fyrst-witness to become a top 19 witness. Once I am there on a safe position, I´ll start working my talent accordingly and build the greatest sales-force you have ever seen in your life. :)

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I'm starting @steemcanada here shortly. The Canadian wing of STEEM advertising will hopefully soon have a proper site and campaign map made. If you'd like to get your steem peru campaign and the sales force in cohorts with my efforts I've got a few neat idea's I'll bounce off you next time I'm in SteemSpeak. :)

Glad to see your initiative and guidance here @fyrstikken. You're a great salesmen and creator. Keep up the good work captain.


This just thrills me to the core! I am so excited to be here! I have a lot to learn about Steemit! Let's do this!


That is absolutely fantastic @klye - We are going to make Steemit MASSIVE Together from South to North :)

Upvoted, followed and re-steemed. Very interesting story on Cryptorush and investing. I think anyone who has been in Bitcoin since the early days has been scammed or knows someone who's been scammed, or definitely has read about widespread scams. I think Steem is a great investment. I was a little confused about Steem, SBD and Steem Power and why it was set up that way and the longer I've been on Steemit, the more I like the 3 tier system. But, like any other investment, Steemit can and could be hacked again. It's been hacked in the past, and there is always risk in new projects in this space. I'm excited to see the platform grow, but as is grows, there is risk of hacks and other scams being born on the Steemit platform. It's just the nature of the beast, and at the end of the day it's just software. Where there are software updates, there's risk. Look at the DAO, raises over $100 Million Ethereum backing it in a smart contract: hacked and causes a huge hard fork. It's just part of it, bumps in the road. I am in the same boat where I invest heavily in the crypto space and urge others to as well. However, I always explain to them, only invest what you can afford to lose completely. Hacks are part of this space and security can take years to perfect as these systems are built. Hacks will continue to be part of this space as long as it's experiencing growth and Steemit is no different. It doesn't matter how much faith we have in genius devs, or how great of a feeling the platform gives us, there is 100% without a doubt risk, and it's easy to get caught up in the emotional excitement of investing. I share your passion, but remember when introducing new people into the space, that there is risk. Invest conservatively and wisely. Take security and learning the best security practices serious. Enjoyed the article. Happy posting!


Thank you for your great comment, I enjoyed reading it and I am pleased that you took the time to write it. Giving you a 100% upvote, I wish it was worth more, as it will in the future. Steem On! :)


Haha @fyrstikken, your upvote is worth more than mine :)

@fyrstikken, I've said it before and I will say it again. I think you are BatMan.

Most times I tell people when I'm talking about cryptocurrencies, I've got my money in the same risk and if you get nicked, i get nicked too.

Do you think Cryptorush's day still might come? Worth a small long-term punt?

Chose you as a witness and upvoted this post.

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Thanks for sharing your interesting story @fyrstikken ! :)