Defending the CORE ECONOMY! - A Message from @fyrst-witness!

A lot of newcomers has arrived at STEEM, and we hear people talk about radical changes to the core economy because n00bs feel it is too hard to be successful on steem.


Ideas like banning bots, whales, max delegation, reputation, haejin to mention a few have been pointed at for being the synthetic problem of an individuals lack of success and instead of using their brain to find better ways to earn coins on steem, they run into politics and want to change the game itself. We oppose such dangerous incompetence. This is a game, and every game has its rules and features and as witnesses, it is our obligation to look after the best interest for those that are here, not those that are there. Yes, the game is hard, and it will become much harder - as it should. And only those equipped to play this game will be successful.


Vote for @fyrst-witness if you like common sense!

We do not want to change radically, we want to scale up, optimize solutions, be part of the SMT-era and a lot of cool stuff, but we will not allow steem to become a place where we somewhat are forced to pay for the fame and fortune of the next "Honney Boo Boo".

  • Keep the core economy as it is, no radical changes to the distribution model or the inflation model is desired. Instead, we should advise users to work with the STEEM economy as it is and instead of changing the game, the players should advance as this is a proof of brain blockchain, not a proof of whine.
  • Additional Refill the voting-power by sending liquid STEEM to the reward pool if you are depleted. Would create more circulation in a positive way for everyone.
  • 20-minute time-delay on delegation and undelegation of SP to be able to abort in case of a mistake.
  • Radical new economic models and distribution systems should be sandboxed as an SMT and never put directly on the main chain. Our economy has consensus and I do not wish for a new consensus at this time. They are fun to talk about but make investors nervous.
  • UI Changes - We contributed with motivation for @yabapmatt to create a steem wallet UI that looks like this: @ned and shows your wallet live instead of static. Much more fun to look at, right?


We can be voted for at

Thank You.
The Team!


I vote for @fyrst-witness and you should too.

I am captain obvious and I approved this message.

I am also tired of the screams for change for level 45 noobs. When they invest they can vote for changes.

I'm done giving my energy to them.

I believe that you will do a good thing for the future of the platform. you are a good person! that's why I vote you as my witness!

It’s not easy , money is never easy to earn . You have to work hard just like everyone on top did . We are just getting started with sMT’s, I’m sure no one wants to miss out

Somehow I wasn't voting for you earlier...fixed that during msp witness forum today. Whilst it is hard making your way on's not impossible, like anything it takes work, and dedication (and hoping one day you find a sugawhale ;) )

Thanks for you sir

You speak Great Wise Words, the thing I like THE MOST was "lack of rules"... So I was able to Make My Own Way! I have been moderately successful, I mean 6000 SP in a year is decent! I bought a lot of it but it was almost all from Crypto Gains anyway. This bears repeating, Fyrst!


Thanks for sharing sir

Once it is game it's never easy,even if it's easy, from start, it's gonna be hard at some level

You make some sense in that post and I support that!

Chic article. I learned a lot of interesting and cognitive. I'm screwed up with you, I'll be glad to reciprocal subscription))

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I tend to agree with @kevinwong about making curation 50%, others have mentioned this too, not too radical, what does bah long time archnemesis think about that? Too radikal?

That wouldn't even be a change.
It'd be undoing a change.

Those who run the voting bots will still game the system. I don't know how it would make a difference.

This isn't about them, this is about giving people more incentive to curate than to self-vote or to circle-jerk.

I manually curate every day. There is no reason to do it manually other than to try to reward good content. The voting bots will beat me at the game every time. Changing the amount will not change that.

So if we make the curation amount 0 curation won't change?

I don't know what everyone else does or what motivates them. Most people just simply sign up for the voting bots.

I think if you want to give them even more incentives or get me to stop manually curating and give up and go to the more effective bots, you should increase the curation rewards. I'm getting tired of curating anyway. :)

Why would more curation rewards lead to less curation? If that is true wouldn't no curation rewards lead to more curation then? Either way, self-voting won't stop, and that's not the point, the point is to encourage more curation but you seem to imply that if you get more rewards than right now for curation you'll stop curating, which begs the question, why?

I am already taking a loss manually curating. I could do much better using a voting bot. If I lose post rewards and walk away from more curation rewards, it would be time to rethink my current activity.

Notice the word Manual. The larger you make curation rewards the more I am going to care about what I am walking away from by manually curating.

Make the rewards large enough and there is no reason to engage with the site at all.

This is so true. Thank you @fyrst-witness. You are one of my awesome witnesses.
Thank you for your support to the communities.


Voted yesterday for @fyrst-witness. What a friendly and propositive environment he is achieving!
Vote the change!
🇮🇹 approves

Tweaks = YES
Wholesale changes?


I like it the way it is, we have options, flexibility, and you just have to pick something and stay with it. Earning takes Work, but I like this work! ;)

Hi everyone, does anyone know, if anybody is already using Smart Media Tokens from Steemit to power their own discussion forums ?
As ChainBB just closed down, I am looking for a forum software that already is using Steem SMT integration... Anybody know of something or with a different Token ?
Please contact me at [email protected]
or here on Steemit...
Many thanks.
Regards, Stefan.

Now you're talking.

That's my witness.

So MANY Ways to make money on Steemit, and some want to Restrict That...

What a SHAME!

Very beautiful witness-category steem economy post to you for thank you very much, and post a lot like and like post vote and comments and post share, I like this post a total of all see and this post to everyone can vote

It's good to read your article. Thanks for writing this article.

am just doing my thing here. is ok to get sp but a dont exspekt to make a shit lode of it. a think the steemit community ned to realize it was easy no its going to be harder maybe its a good thing to a guess a lot of spammers going to give up if the are not making anything.
a have vote a long time a go. but a agree.. a just wish @ned and co could be a bit more active.

All of us need to be aware of the security of the Sioux economy and we have to come forward to protect the economy of Sierra

They say survival of the fittest , so the best will win

Sir your post is very beautiful very interesting your all post I love your #post
Sir I am new user on Steemit
My reputation is just 30%
Sir I am best apvoter and comments sir please help me Thank you

Well I now know who I will be adding as a witness , you deserve the vote because you speak for the interest of people who have been loyal to this platform for a long time!

I am relatively new on steemit. I am among the newbies who think the core should be tweaked a little to make it a relatively equal playing field for all. yes some have invested time, money and resources to get where they are on thr platform with the aid of bots and the likes. but you find out that after a while people become creative at not being creative, if that make sense, to gain coins. however im willing to work with what's on ground now and build gradually.

I like the idea of lowering the time to undelegate, 7 days seems like a bit much now. I am with you that the game should not be completely overhauled but minor tweaks are necessary if we want more people to join the game and have even the slightest hopes of winning.
In regards to bid bots, I think some rules need to be implemented, some caps put on max bids and also limit on negative ROI's. When people put in a bid on one of these bots, they shouldn't lose money. Right now there is no system in place to prevent the user from losing on the bid. The bot owner are the only ones winning in this situation.
So like you said, maybe not an overhaul to the entire game, but some rule changes to encourage more community efforts etc.

He didn't want to reduce the time to undelegate, he wants a time window to cancel the action if you did sth wrong with the delegation.

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Then this is also a suggestion to lower the amount of time a delegation takes to go back to the delegator, a week is too long

Then this is also a suggestion to lower the amount of time a delegation takes to go back to the delegator, a week is too long

The 7 day waiting time to get the delegated SP back is there because you could abuse the system if its lower. Lets make an example with hmmm 3 days until it would return: I could use 100% of my voting power and then delegate all my SP to another account and on this account . After that I undelegate and get the SP after 3 days back. So in 3 days I used 200% voting power and have recovered 60% of it already. So I could do it again with the 60% over and over again and use 120% voting power instead of only 60% and in the end that would double the upvotes.
Thats why there is a 7 day cooldown

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Lions are so beautiful Lion loves to stay in group. love you

100% correct. The same people that get involved with this platform and begin to complain that it is too hard are the same people that amount to nothing in life and complain about everything besides their own lack of fortitude.
If we start catering to people who come on the platform demanding to become rich overnight (which is preached to them by several "influencers") the entire platform will fail.

You have my vote as well.

Yes right bro

Nice to meet you. I am a friend from today. I wish you all the best and healthy. Your friend lucky7777

a lion with his cute and future mighty cub. this picture clearly depicts two ages or may be the generations. the past and future. so we learn to top future by our past.

Additional Refill the voting-power by sending liquid STEEM to the reward pool if you are depleted. Would create more circulation in a positive way for everyone.
Great idea!

You got some valid points, but it's hard to deny that being successful on steemit (or other social media websites) is almost like winning the lottery.

There are so man quality posts that are undervalued and vice versa. I have been contributing to steemit myself for a half a year on a daily basis (and think that the posts have quality), but have only gained rewards from bots. There is no denying that.

From almost 700 followers (which many of them are fake), perhaps 10 people vote on my content (if I'm lucky!).

And I know that most of the minnows and plankton feel the same :/

Yes, the Steem journey is tough but life is also too, Steem Economy is nothing different than any other Economy and in every economy we see depression and suppression period and sometimes super growth and most importantly, people who are joining Steemit they have to understand the core knowledge of the Steem Blockchain and have to create their own productive strategies so that they can feel well equipped to face the journey of tough and with emotional waves. And people who are thinking Steem just as an Social Media, then they are wrong, it's core is Investment so, in an investment economy the effective role is played through engagements, and yes, if in current Steem Economy new module is included then that can create imbalance possibly because we are pushing an unstable economy and in an unstable economy new module can create more confusion and panic too, to some extent.

SMT's are exciting stuff and everyone is waiting for SMT's to launch because now people will get the option of payment in face of new coin and also the Steem Blockchain will grow because on Steem Blockchain the potential ICO's will be launched and slowly we will go towards the growth possibly. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Not ready for any changes on Wow after 2 years of development we have come to the final where there are no improvements in the distribution system??? That sounds to me really not investor friendly. Steem and needs to be address the current problems that their investors have with the distribution system. Why can't we just satisfy all the needs that an Investor has (good ROI, steady growth) without conflicting the interest of bloggers who want quality posts? Isn't their a way to put all the ROI-Investors into one optimal Voting Service where they collect their profits and that Voting Service also supports good quality content. Than both parties would be happy isn't it so???

First, nobody is talking about - we are talking about the core economy of steem the blockchain.

Our year over year growth is good, we have set two ATHs and consider the whole cryptomarket is still in bear territory we are holding incredible steady against our competitors.

If you think you can get better ROI elsewhere, power down and buy an ASIC or some GPUs IMO

I bet you would like to put all the ROI in one basket, but sorry - this is Proof of Brain, and your suggestion is just a lazy steady income type wall-street shit.

Welcome to Crypto, keep your hands inside the cart at all times.

I think you didn't get my point its not about me, who wants more ROI with Steem...I'm pretty happy with the financials, but I do understand that other investors are looking for more ROI here on That's why people like hajin post six times a day with separate upvote account. So in order to make him happy and keep him away from his silly posts, we need to give him another kind of investment vehicle. I think we should separate the interest of investors (who only wants ROI) and the interest of people who want see good content on the trending pages. Somebody just has to come up with a good solution to separate these two interest and thats all...and I think both interest should be taken seriously.

Whelp, you just earned my vote @fyrst-witness.

Absolutely agree with you! talking about find creative ways to earn SBD without changing the game: Here's some images that I've made with the 3D Steem logo for all those crypto and tech enthusiast. You can use it in your cryptocurrency posts! here's the link to my post
images are clean and completely free! just make sure to upvote! have a nice one!


you thinking is right. we will be with you..

Hmm..I hate radical change without much backing. It been shown that bots don't actually hold a lot of steem. Newer account are gaining steem over the months. If the game is too hard you have to survive. Most of my account was just having fun in steem it not about making money.
You get my vote!

I love that they think big, the future is the best, I feel very positive with this, I'm relatively new here and every day I learn something new, but the only thing I always remember is that without hard work there will be no reward worth the pain

I saw your video some weeks ago lol, you inspire confidence as a witness really

Thanks for the words of encouragment sir, i will continue follow you always..

Thanks you for the words of encouragment sir, i will continue follow you..

Definitely voting for @fyrst-witness

Hey everyone, please check out my new post and tell me what you think. I'll do the same for you. Thanks☺️

This is excellent stand. Yes we shun it change the game in every new suggestion. There should be long discussion before any new changes be adopted . And u are right in saying that anybody has a new idea then let them try through SMTs

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