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RE: An Appeal to Holders of BitShares

I guess it depends on which wallet you use. With the OpenLedger wallet you need to switch to the advanced trader view. There is a area on the left where you can set a voting proxy, or cast your vote directly. I can't remember the specifics, I am on another system so can't visualize the OL UI atm.

Thx for your interest.


Yep, that works. In Trading Mode (click on trading mode in upper right), click on "Account" in the top menu to the left. Then choose voting.

From there, paste "verbaltech2" in the field, add, then make sure to click "Publish Changes" up above. It'll ask for your password to confirm and there is a small fee for doing so.

Thanks for the additional info and screenshot, it will help those new to BitShares & OpenLedger.

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