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Hey! I have done it...

Created my first node!

This is a simple announcement. Later on, I will bring more updates on further upgrades of the witness node. My idea is to bring my witness to a very efficient way for others to be able to replicate.

Because expensive hardware is a problem from the past. I aim to solve it via common hardware, with superb software!

Everyone would like to have a NAS at home right? What if that NAS can run Steemd as a docker? Amazing right? Well, this is my goal. So far so good, steemd is running within a docker via XPEnology!

It's not ideal but it's running just fine:

  • 8GB of RAM (shared with a bunch of other stuff I have)
  • 2 cores of an OLD Intel I am so ashamed to name... but the fact is that it.. damn WORKS!
  • 6x1TB F3 SAMSUNG disks over Synology Hybrid-RAID6 (amazing stuff for the age)
  • 200 Mbit (down) / 20 Mbit (up) - Sorry, New Zealand is still growing in this plane...
  • ASUS Router/Firewall 1.4GHz 2-core ARM

Future upgrades... planned (no ETA for now):

  • Going to 8 or 16 cores... possibly more!
  • My RAM aim is to go for 64 GB min... ideal 256GB! Amazing would be 1TB - 4x instances of steemd... with full support on memory with asynchronous mirroring to SSD!
  • 2x SSDs cached RAID with expanded Hybrid-RAID6 to 8 disks minimum (2TB each).
  • 2x 1Gbit connection (up/down)
  • ASUS Router/Firewall 1.8GHz 4-core ARM or another equivalent

Optional (depending on friends):

  • Active/Active Highly-available service between Wellington and Auckland (New Zealand).
  • A possible future node in Portugal (depends on my folks)!

From an infrastructure specialist like me, I could dedicate easily hardware to bring this to a normal status quo... but because I am also an engineer... my aim is to bring technology to a broader public. So to be efficient is a must... cost effective and cheap, so anyone can easily implement this at home.

Believe me, with the current software/hardware I have, 50% of people in NZ with a PC could implement a Steemd node easy...

Also, find out what I am trying to implement with POWERVoice!

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I have been testing more. I have now registered the witness. =) yay!
Stil lots to do. Need to HPC this thing...
Check my witness details:

Not yet able for you guys to vote. But soon... Some hardening to complete...

Good stuff! :)

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