Notice of @exnihilo.witness witness suspension

The witness @exnihilo.witness adventure began more than a year ago. The initial goal was for @siavach and @elmetro to simply learn, learn to install and maintain a witness. On this point we must say that we exploded the objective, must say that the HF20 gave us a few sleepless nights for those who remember... But even more we learned about Steem and technology of the blockchain. And much more, it allowed us to meet many people. Finally, this experience taught us that the job of witness is a very ungrateful job, not easy and very poorly paid.

Some statistics, in thirteen months, from March 2018 to April 2019, we reached the position #176, we only missed 6 blocks and we produced 60 blocks, we must not be a mathematician to understand that we have been to loss from beginning to end. Our biggest regret was not having had the opportunity to set up a backup server, a seed server and even why not a full RPC node.

In this adventure we would first like to thank all the people of the channels and, from memory the @drakos, the @gandalf, the @someguy123, the @timcliff and all those who will recognize. Thank you for your patience with us, we know that sometimes, we ask stupid questions...

And of course, a big thank you to those who helped us, who trusted us, who believed in us and voted for us:
@cryptopassion, @sorin.cristescu, @dsound, @criminalacorm, @elmetro, @free999enigma, @jrswab, @siavach, @hightouch, @goyard, @txmek, @cleanplanet, @yann0975, @addicttolife, @tradermeetscoder, @madlenfox, @steemalsace, @lux-witness, @ajanphoto, @kalypso56, @soluce07, @stimialiti, @narla.ghelo, @ladybird, @burakakdogan, @steemauvergne, @crunchymomqc, @louishugo, @planetenamek, @cryptofrench, @elastico, @vevette, @exnihilo.witness, @lartist-zen, @drkent, @ibo67, @elmetro.drugwars, @healthykitty, @washawba, @trollier and @fanbasefr.

In the end there is only to you that we are indebted and it is only to you to whom we owe an explanation on the causes of this suspension of the witness.
The reason is not a loss of belief in Steem, nor a loss of motivation or even loss of money. In reality it is the opposite, the witness @exnihilo.witness stopping due to a meeting. The encounter with the game and his FutureShock development team. We embrace FutureShock's ambitions by partnering with them to evolve this game as far as possible. @exnihilo.witness is dead yes, now long life to @future.witness.

If you still like our work and want to continue to help us, you can now vote for @future.witness with the following link:


1 Steemian + 1 Steemian = 11 Steemians


Well, we have resteemed to thousand followers.. :->

Hello, my friends @siavach and @elmetro! I hope you're not too disappointed. The most important thing is that You both now have a lot of experience. My trust remains with You. I will support You in the future. Let me know if You have any new projects. Good luck!

Hi @madlenfox, thank you for your support. Of course we are still involved in Steem community. You can vote for our new witness @future.witness by cling this link

ok! I gave 2 of my votes for you :) good Luck!!!

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