Witness update: HF21

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Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 21.35.09.png

Good, old steemd build logs

My witness node is updated to v0.21.0 and running HF21. This makes my support to HF21 official. :)

My primary witness server runs without MIRA. Currently experiencing with MIRA on the secondary (backup) server. Long replay times makes this process slow. Planning to post an update about my witness infrastructure changes once everything settles.

vote for me as a witness.

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Hello emrebeyler!

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Nice one Emre :)


Nice to see your name pop up on my screen, hope you're still enjoying your new challenge.
Best wishes mate :-)

Thanks man 👍

So you are prepared for mass onboarding / downvoting.
Maybe I switch soon, maybe not.
Doesn't matter, will miss 2 blocks:)

Wait, here have a !BEER for your work


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