DSound witness update: Upgraded to v0.20.10 of Steem blockchain

Hi Steemian friends! :)

DSound community witness has some news to share with all steemians.


@dsound witness update

Fixed some intermittent issue in Network Interface cards

A week after our intervention on the boxes network interface cards we have reason to confirm that, with this new driver, we completely eliminated this issue! :)

Upgrade to v0.20.10 of Steem blockchain

This latest release as of yesterday of Steem core blockchain code corrected a security issue, so we decided to upgrade our witnesses. The upgrade was smooth, no problems to register. It was not expectable either as this was just a small fix update.

Technical Infrastructure

Our infrastructure is still the same, but the SSDs have grown double size! We total a dozen blocks missed and performance is even better because we made some networking improvements in the datacenter internal network.

All boxes are behind firewalls, IDS and power redundancy systems. The server characteristics are subject to upgrade or revision as needed.

Witness nodeDedicated Server
CPUAMD Ryzen 3 2200G 4x core 3.5GHz
Disks512GB SSD x 2
ConnectionGigabit over optical fiber backbone
PowerRedundant + UPS
LocationEU - Portugal

@dsound witness rank

We are now at #96 position in the witnesses ranking and finding our way through the hard lane back to the top 50. It is very difficult but we are positive that we deserve to be back in top 50, because this is a DSound Community effort and our Tribe is one of the most active in Steem! Can you please help us get there?


  • Our nodes are now running the latest version (v0.20.10) of the Steem Blockchain core code

  • It is hard to be so down (#96) in the witnesses ranking, so we're counting on you to help pass the word to all your friends or simply by reposting this post, so we can get @dsound witness up the ladder! :)

Thanks a lot to all fellow members of DSound tribe, all Steem members, developers and music addicts like us for your continued support and encouragement on this project! Without you we wouldn't be here assuming this responsibility. Big thanks to all of you!

But, still don't know what DSound is?

It's ok... You are at the right place!

Let's share what it is with you right now...

Logo Full.png

What is DSound?

DSound is a decentralized web application that allows anyone to upload, listen and discover music and other sounds stored on top of the IPFS Network.

It uses STEEM blockchain as a persistent database, so by posting their sounds the authors can earn rewards in cryptocurrency, when other users like their content, which can be exchanged easily to US Dollars, Euros or any other currency, with a look and feel very similar to Soundcloud.

Check DSound Intro post for more details

DSound Discord Server (the tribe is connected)

If you're learning about DSound now or you didn't connect yet, please join our Discord server at:


There you'll find a few channels to have everybody from our community getting together and making DSound even better.

If you need any help, please chat with our moderators who have done a great job in making this server a great place to hang out! Also check their work on DSound since they are content creators as well:


DSound is this! <3

"Music is what feelings sound like"
DSound <3 Music

And If you trust us and approve what we do in the Steem ecosystem, please give us your Witness vote to help us continue this journey...

Design by @aleister

You can vote for @dsound as a Steem Witness here: Vote with SteemConnect

... but if you prefer the oldfashion way, please go to:

and vote for @dsound :)

You might not find us on the list yet, so please use this field to vote:

Alternatively you can set @dsound as your proxy, so that you follow the witnesses we vote as well. This might be interesting for all of you that don't know that well for which witnesses to vote... To do so use this field:

Note: You will need your active private key or your master password for these operations.

Thank you guys! :)


It's a travesty dsound is only at rank 96! Music is food for the soul and dsound is providing the tool to get musicians heard on steem! Get those votes going!

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Any update for the DSound love machine? Haven't heard anything for over a month.

I would like to discuss about an Android app I am developing for dsound. Could we talk on discord? powerpoint45#0582

I was not aware that I could vote for Dsound as a witness. Thanks for the link to make it easy. As a user of your service, you got my vote.

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