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As newbies keep trooping into the Steem/Steemit community, it only becomes more challenging and cumbersome for them to find their feet, gain stamina and be noticed for their contents and likely value they can add to the steem blockchain. This calls for concern, especially for all Value driven #steemians Who are always ready to help newbies, give them a climbing ladder and help them settle on the platform, Of course, @surpassinggoogle has been at the vanguard of this, through the #untalented and #steemgigs platform, He too needs support and strength, He can't do it alone.

Now, the good news is @steemit9ja community has arrived to douse the rising tensions and help give voice to the unseen, unknown and the voiceless in the steem blockchain. The @steemit9ja philosophy is built not only on Value Creation, it's also geared towards rewarding newbies for adding value to the Community.

This Pressing urgency to hold out a helping hand for the rising population on steemit has spurred Him to bring up this wonderful movement, especially for Nigerians and other newbies around the globe, working tooth and nail for the realization of this Project. The initiative is also geared towards an egalitarian #steemit community, where everyone will have have a sense of belonging. Indeed, @Doctorvee needs our little support. You can always support the @steemit9ja Project by voting for @DoctorVee as a steem #witness

The glory days of the Nigerian movie industry has long been buried in the forgotten sands of time, this seemingly epileptic posture of the industry is about to be rejuvenated through the steem blockchain.

The Nigerian industry in recent times seem to be losing its audience, and the @steemit9ja community is about to bring it to the doorstep of fans both at home and abroad. YouTube has not really been of much help to the industry due to the litany of videos hitting the tube on daily basis. The Youtube creators rewards have been very discouraging in recent times. To become a youtube partner or make simple payments would require a lot of unforeseen efforts. There are so many rich contents by creators but little or no rewards for efforts, with which Our dear steem network has already solved.

In a time when plagiarism and intellectual theft is at its youth when cyber bandits are on the rampage, the steem blockchain can be the good Samaritan that will help put the industry back on track.
Team #steemit9ja is not leaving any stone unturned, as we are currently combing out modalities and logistics to help salvage the situation.

@doctorvee Also know as CHUKWUEMEKA, McMANUS ORJIANI. He lives and based in Nigeria. He has travelled and toured a number of state and cities in Africa and Nigeria at Large while making documentaries and movies for the local markets and Oil companies. He owns an outfit IDOT CREATIONS ENTERTAINMENT (iCreations ENT.). He is a licensed Nollywood movie director/filmmaker. He is the Human resource manager of #Steemit9ja, a non-governmental (decentralized) steem/steemit/blockchain outfit/consensus. A web developer/full-stack engineer, A Computer Enthusiast, A blockchain entrepreneur, steem/steemit evangelist. A steem witness running a Steem witness server with Ubutu, “Dockerized” Stem Node with 16GB RAM, 160GB and 1GB/S internet on two decent VPS with Backups.

Meetup campaigns: We setup steemit meet-ups amongst movie producers, film editors, content owners, the local marketers, the distribution companies, the Nigerian Film Boards, The directors guild and other industry bodies. Where information about the steem blockchain is explained. Our main purpose here is to have as many people sign-up to use this platform since both creators and consumers need an account to benefit from the blockchain.

Nollywood Distribution Platform: @doctorvee forked on GitHub and has come up with a platform (still in production) that would serve as a video sharing network mainly for the industry like. We would feature content view by subscription, category, by steem curation all decentralised and equally hosted on IPFS network similarly like The extra rewards got from this project would help for the consistent video/content hosting on the IPFS networks.

Mobile APPS for the Community: A steem based video/content apps for Android, iOS would help users all over the countries and in other third world countries to easily access local contents at ease where mobile phones are widely used with little internet connectivity.
Film Festivals and Awards: At long run, steemit9ja would reward content creators who showed excellent passion for content creations all in our communities.

In Partnership with @seiyiodous and @stevenmoses but to mention a few we promised to build a notable Christian platform for faith building, charity and counselling platforms using Steem as the mother-node to bring everyone together

In Partnership with STEEM NAIRA @steemnaira community, after a warm welcome and understanding with Esteemed Steem Evangelist @michealcj and Esteemed @dante31 we would support all STEEM NAIRA community activities and any other STEEM NIGERIAN community

We hope to partner with more communities (be it African or any nation) as we reach for the moon and stay for the community.
Thank you.

To Vote @doctorvee for witness Please visit: then type @doctorvee and click vote
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Or use SteemConnect to cast your vote: Vote for Doctorvee


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Wow!! This is mind blowing, I can go on and on reading this over & over... Really you went deep down my heart and read my aspirations for our dear industry 'Nollywood'. I'm an upcoming film director and actor, has done some movies but you know the story with marketers and marketing films in our country. Honestly, this would go a long way to help out. Also the support for newbies and quality posts sincerely appreciate that idea alot, that's enhancement of the growth of this platform. You are doing great doctor, keep up the good work, we are strongly behind you.
Pls take little of your time to check out this post of mine and see what I said about you..

Thanks for your touch, I've read and commented on your post. It's an inspiring piece. Keep doing what you do.

Ride on bro. You are on your way to the top and that's where you belong.

God bless you.


God bless you too bro

Your passion to lend a helping hand and help build a better steemit community is not unnoticed, You've been really doing well.

I decided to pitch my tent with @steemit9ja because I believe in the driving force of this community, especially helping newbies.

You really deserve to be a witness.

Thank you so much, you're welcome

Thanks for stopping by

wow am so much happy to see such an individual like you with so much passion for the Nigerian entertainment industry. What an interactive and interesting session on discord yesterday. Steemit9ja is here to shock everyone. Your plans are on point and am in full time with support, am preaching the steemit gospel round. I am solidly behind you doctorvee

Thank you @areurdayle with Grace we would do exploits. Thank you so much!

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this is good news

Thanks for stopping by

Steemnaija all way
Let's do this...

Thank you for stopping by

It's cool to have u around bro...

Incredible. Seems you have a clear vision of what you want for NOLLYWOOD. Thumbs up!

Although, I've tagged @steemit9ja in some of my previous posts i didn't get any response. I think you should try to engage in posts like that i'm sure i'm not the only one.
9ja rocks.


Thank you, We are working on the steemit9ja curation and support. You will smile very soon...

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Amazing work you are doing @doctorvee

Hats off for you.

Keep doing the good work and you will be successful in your endeavor.


Thank you sir!