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RE: Make Your Steem Server Last Longer With Memory Compression

in #witness-category6 years ago

Using zram is new advice pioneered on the witness We hope this article is the first step towards widespread acceptance of memory compression as standard operating practice, as the benefits seem to outweigh the drawbacks, if there are even any drawbacks at all!

As far as consolidated information, there's no authoritative guide nor a "right way" to run a witness. The best sources of basic witness operations have been guides that get written and rewritten periodically.

We built from gleaning information from all over the place, but there are some good guides out there still mostly relevant today like @jerrybanfield's, @krnel's, and @klye's.


I really appreciate that. Hopefully, we will see that come about. I would be happy to help, if there was a good spot for one.

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