Dele-puppy Witness Thread

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tldr; Please vote for me. Me good witness long time.

Hello fellow steemians. My name is Gilead McGee. I am a long time crypto enthusiast and bts fan. I was an active 10% (og pay) then 3% witness for the majority of the bts1.0 chain. (the percentages mean that I didn't offer to do more than secure the network, nor ask for more pay than required to secure the network) I am an active witness (number 1 in fact as of this writing) in the bts 2.0 blockchain, and an active committee member (not number 1). I am also an active witness in the muse network. (also not number 1 (at this point I will stop listing all the things I am not number 1 in))

I am an avid anarchist voluntarist. I am not trying to say that the desire for the accumulation of resources is foreign to me, but ultimately its not why I am here. I am here for the cause. Man. I think that crypto gives us the ability to make voluntarism sufficiently easy to get the lazy masses to stop supporting the initiation of force. (if we can act soon before the average IQ decays any further) What spooner called the do nothings. Those that can see a problem, but are unwilling to sacrifice sufficiently to stop it. (the knaves and dupes will have to wait.) I am here because this technology has the ability to change the world for the better. Also I want to buy a plane.

About the name. Dele-puppy is a pretty stupid name. It is a conjugation of the words delegate and puppy. A delegate is what we called the arcane version of witnesses we had back in the bts 1.0 days. A puppy is a small fury animal that many in my culture take as pets. Puppies is the plural of this animal. No I am not a puppy that has learned to type and compile code. I am also not two or more puppies working in unison to accomplish these tasks. I am a 36 year old 6'5 American male that goes by the name puppies on the internet (fucking creepy huh? How do you think I feel?) Please believe me when I say that I am not a weirdo. (outside of being an anarchist athiest) I am not going to pretend that I don't like puppies. I in fact especially do like puppies, (I have some, and they make me smile every day) I am not crazy about puppies as my name might suggest though. I do not read puppy books, or watch puppy tv. I do not own any puppy art, nor puppy clothes. I rarely look at pictures of puppies on the internet.

How did I get this name you ask? (I can tell you are still reading this, don't try to hide it) Well. The short answer is alcohol. The long answer is that I, like many of you have signed up for thousands of online forums in my life. Most of these I have mostly lurked and then forgotten. I don't have a single forum handle that I have gone by either. Generally when I am trying to think of a forum name, or a character name I will look at my surroundings and pick something that I see. I have had some truly epic forum handles in my day, but on this day (on or about Feb 2014) I looked down and I saw two stupid puppies looking back at me (I mentioned they were stupid right?) and my hands typed puppies as an account name. I could have been mossberg or glock or even Guinness or grey goose. Logitech might even have been better. I never thought it would be associated with my real name, or that I would have other grown men call me puppy or puppies (talk about creepy) If I knew what I knew now I would be known as ninja or mossberg shooting systems or trijicon, or darth vader, or something else that would be less cringeworthy when a bearded man called my by that name. (yes the beard makes it worse)

I am with you so far, but why didn’t you just delete that account and start with a less gay (you can assume I mean happy if it makes you feel better) name? You ask. Thats a great question. Ultimately I didn’t expect the account to ever amount to anything, but before I knew it I had built a bit of a brand. people voted for me terrible name and all, and like I said above Dele-puppy is actually number 1 at something (and not number 1 at even more things (but still close enough to number 1 to be in the top 20 or so. (which is close enough at this point.(since its still an active postition(even if its not paid(like being a community member in bts 2.0)))))) I wonder how markdown is going to handle that sentence.

Oh well. Going by the name puppies keeps me from taking myself too seriously. Especially on the internet.

Back to the witness thing. I really am a good witness (and you are a patient reader) I am not a dev, but I consider myself a graphene power user. I keep up a bts gui clone at I rarely miss blocks and I always update on time. I have set up a bot to help the non techie register accounts on the steem network. You can read all about it at

If you would like me to utilize my experience to secure the network then please vote for dele-puppy. If not that's fine too.

My witness node is on a dedicated Xeon server with 16GB of RAM. I am also running a separate seed node at

P.S. I am gonna edit the hell out of this post once I figure out how to use markdown, and probably for content and readability since it probably wont make sense when I re-read it.


Gilead! right on. I enjoyed that. : 0 The name thing, I really relate to. Couldn't stop laughing. The name has probably served to your advantage, who couldn't like a puppies. : )

Good post! But posted twice.. Which one to support?

Hello. There is still a seed node listed in the steem GitHub repository seed nodes list under your name. I assume this is no longer a valid node? I plan on submitting a PR soon to remove it. Please let me know if it should be kept in.

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