how to register a steem account without having to linux

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A choose your own adventure story.

Now with more markdown

... and hopefully pictures if I can get them to work

You can now sign up for a steem account free of charge by linking it to your facebook account. If you would like to do this just click the create account button in the upper right hand corner of If you just want to get posting on steemit then that is probably the fastest way to get going. If you would still like to purchase your own account you may of course still use my bot to do so.

Prior to the launch of an official faucet, I wanted to give the non techy people a chance to enjoy the wonders of You can post, you can comment, you can vote, you can even vest, or divest your funds. I will leave to others for now to show you how to utilize all that offers. This post is designed to help you get an account up and running.

If you follow the instructions below it will register an account for you on the the STEEM blockchain, in a secure way. (no one but you will be able to access your funds) The STEEM blockchain is a secure healthy blockchain whose creator has years of experience maintaining a top 10 blockchain. is an awesome piece of software, but is still comparatively early in its design cycle. If you create an account you will be helping test as it is taken out of alpha stage into beta, and finally officially launched. There will most certainly be bugs and downtime during this process. Do not worry if you sometimes have issues logging in, or if the site goes down. Your funds are not secured by the website. They are secured by the STEEM network, so even during downtime your funds will be safe. If you have concerns you can voice them at or in the appropriate btctalk or btstalk threads.

This post will assume a few things.

  1. You want to register a steem account, but command line scares you.
  2. you have steem on an exchange, or open.steem on the bitshares network (or are willing to purchase some)
  3. you have a bitshares account, or are willing to sign up for one. (unless someone else knows a good secure way to get a bts public private keypair)

If these three things describe you, then lets begin.

First things first. Do you have a bitshares account that you have access to?

YES! I have a bitshares account, that I can access

NO! What the heck is a bitshare


I think this is a wonderful service! We should ask bittrex to increase the memo size to be long enough for a PublicKey + Account Name. This way you could provide this service without having to link in BitShares.

Small edit: is missing '@'

Thanks Dan. I fixed the typo.

Does anyone have any good screen shots of the bittrex steem withdraw page, or bts account and permissions pages already. If not I will take some when I get a chance and add the to the how to.

ATTENTION: Fakeaccount!
If you send your Steem or Steemdollar you will lose all your money!!!

i tried it, and i lose my money!!!

I am unable to modify the original post since it has paid out. The bot was down, and I will be working on refunding all users that did not get their account registered. I apologize, but I have had some medical issues that have taken all of my time and effort to bypass in the last couple of months. I have paid back the 4 users on the bitshares network that attempted to register (steemgirls, open-2, avocad1t0, and evan) I think I already got jwf, but if I haven't yet let me know. All I see for the steem network is
593 2012728 e4bf67264d644d7b3fb02b056d05e2d9875adfe8 transfer {"from":"bittrex","to":"register","amount":"10.990 STEEM","memo":"btcjesus2:madonna"}
594 3153595 34b6522a4474cd4b5c370044a1f25ee2067a94ae transfer {"from":"bittrex","to":"register","amount":"5.000 STEEM","memo":"poloniexwallet:poloniexwallet"}
595 3307247 ff13f7e5a1641c069a3386cb06796a1b3c9de851 transfer {"from":"bittrex","to":"register","amount":"3.000 STEEM","memo":"byronp:byronp"}
596 3369408 9589d60826b544d1e45a07237153feb0f4c9f8f5 transfer {"from":"bittrex","to":"register","amount":"3.000 STEEM","memo":"niko-mit-k:nikomitk"}
niko, I have refunded your 3 steem to account niko-mit-k, and created account nikomitk for you. Polo I have refunded your 5 steem to account poloniex, and created the account poloniexwallet for you. byronP, let me know where you want your refund. Same goes for btcjesus2. (is that you tuck?)

bbqbear, I have refunded the 10 steem you sent to steem-register to account bbqbear, and created your beastly account.

Once again I apologize for the delay, I would have been here if I could have been. I am not a thief. If you sent steem to my bot, and it did not function please give me the block number and transaction details. I will get you taken care of.

The bot seems to be back up and running. Feel free to use it. I will refund anything that the bot eats, although it may take me some time. Please try to understand that I am still not in the best health, and my time to trouble shoot will be extremely limited. I had assumed that there would be a better solution to my bot by now.

Thanks @dele-puppy, I can confirm that I got my refund to BitShares (avocad1t0).
I understand that it was a genuine attempt to help and not a scam.

Sending you best wishes for full and speedy recovery.

Love and Peace.

I found this guide very easy to follow. I got through with no problems right up to the stage where I tried to login with my username and password. The Login button would not click in either Opera or Chrome. I did get it to work in Windows by clicking on "Submit a story" first and then on "Login"

Thanks for all of the help puppies! Your guide was very easy to follow and I was registered without a hitch.

This tutorial was very helpful for my - non techy newby. Thank you very much dele-puppy!

can't edit the post at the moment.

You can now optionally add a deposit memo if registering on the steem network. syntax is bts-accountname or key:steem-name:deposit-memo

Is your bot still active and working? I followed the instructions and sent 10 steem to your steem-register bot 2 days ago, the transfer logged on (beastly:beastly), but no account was created. I also posted a message at, but have not received a response.

I can deal with losing 10 steem, but if this information is not accurate anymore it should be edited or removed.

Here is an Archive of Cryptocurrency App building Code on Github for anyone creating a Steemit app

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