Curie Witness Update August 2018

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Hey everyone,

It's time for an update on what has been going on in the @curie community in the last month or so in terms of technical witness operation and community support.

Witness Ops

Steemit Inc. have released a number of updates in the last month or so, with a 0.19.5->0.19.10 optional upgrade followed by 0.19.5->0.19.6 and 0.19.10->0.19.11 upgrade paths. We had our primary witness server running on 0.19.11 and backup running on 0.19.6 for a while, but have recently moved to the latest 0.19.12 on both primary and backup. All updates have been done in a timely manner and we are currently producing blocks without issue on this version.

Our full node and seed node are being upgraded to 0.19.12 in the coming week.

Community Support

We have recently decided to support a number of communities with some liquid Steem donations. These donations are to cover prize pools for various community competitions for the months of August and September. Please check out the associated blogs if you want to get involved (and we encourage you to do so)

A total of nearly 1600 Steem and 180 SBD has been donated to these excellent community initiatives. Keep up the good work guys.

The Curie Comment and Engagement Competition

As you may or may not be aware, curie has been running its own comment engagement competition. You can win prizes in Steem for leaving good quality comments on curie-upvoted post. For more info on this, you can check out this week's winners post.


Becquerel, the Curie submission and curation platform has now been running for 2 months and has seen over 1300 submissions and reviews by Curie curators and reviewers. During that time there have been a number of small bugfixes and extra features have been added at the request of the users. As the developer of Becquerel, I thought it might be a good idea to go through an overview of the process I employ to get a new feature through to production. It's a process that is pretty much industry standard, but obviously scaled down a bit to apply to a team of one :)

  • A new feature request or bug is raised either directly to me or through one of the channels in the curie discord. I tend to decide on which feature to work on next, unless there is an overwhelming desire for a specific one. All of these requests are tracked in a Trello board.
  • Development is completed and the feature/fix is tested locally with a local database to ensure that the change is functionally correct.
  • Once the change is determined to be functionally correct, I push the change to a Functional Test Environment which is in the same infrastructure as the production environment. This allows me to fully test the platform in equivalence to the production system without affecting it. This FTE is hooked up to a test database.
  • Once the change is proven in FTE, I promote it to a staging environment. This is similar to FTE, but points to the main production database. This allows fully fledged curators and reviewers to test new functionality in isolation from the main system. It is also there to check that production data still works in unison with the new codebase.
  • If all of this completes succesfully, I then promote the app to production and the new features are available for all to use.

I hope this gives an interesting overview of how we update our submission platform.

The curie witness update is written by witness operator, @markangeltrueman

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A huge thank you to you guys for your support of the Engagement League!

The post regularly lands in the top 10 most commented on (@arcange's message) and you receive a host of thank you's from the entrants each week.

Thank you!


I highly recommend Engagement League for anyone who enjoys engagement on steemit. As a regular participant who tries to stay in the top 20, from time to time it is always fun. There are so many amazing engagers in this weekly contest.

If you just want to meet some amazing people it really is a great place to start. Since after all they are some of the most engaging people on Steemit. You really can’t go wrong starting up a conversion with one of them!

On behalf of @thewritersblock thank you very much for the support.

Thank you @curie community for supporting the #italent art initiative contest, you gave more credibility and attention to it and made it flourish more :)

Participating in the engagement league already...great job guys

Thank you @curie and all for your support to the community.

Thank you @curie for supporting the @Archdruid Gaming written contest we have had so many amazing entries it has been outstanding. One of them even ended up being featured in the Curie Author Showcase in the issue August 14th one.

We just started our most recent one yesterday called Emotional Game Moments for gamers on the steemit platform to really go all out on this one! We can’t wait to see what wonderful posts are created for that one!

Hi @curie! We are @steem-ua, a new Steem dApp, computing UserAuthority for all accounts on Steem. We are currently in test modus upvoting quality contributions with a high UA value! Nice work!

Thank you @curie for your support and presence in the Finish the Story contest.. it's been an honor to be choosen together with such great communities.