Witness Update : How I Plan on Using the Re-blogging Feature and other Miscellaneous Items

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Hola, mi amigos y amigas (apologies for any and all mis-spellings, yo comprende nada Espanol)!

Re-blogging Content

We now have a new fork on our hands, and even some other nifty features that have appeared on the Steemit UI -- the most important of which is the re-blog feature.

At one point I know I had suggested a way of trying to tell my followers (without having to go through chatrooms and spamming links) that I will be voting on posts within X amount of hours -- and now here it is with re-blog!

Basically, I will be setting up a monitoring system on posts that I re-blog and then my monitoring bot will autovote on them within some amount of time -- something around 8 hours or before the first payout time ends. This allows all my followers to vote on content I will be voting on before I do, so that you can obtain rewards!

Unfortunately, I do not have this bot implemented yet, but I will soon and will, of course, open the source to the public. My guess is that it will end up being a fork of the current autovote bot (which I have long since stopped using).

For now, I plan on doing this manually (fortunately, whatever I re-blog appears on my blog home page). Basically, if I re-blog something in the evening, I will vote on it in the morning the following day -- until I have a fully automatic solution.

Other Projects

Project Curie

I have also been asked to help promote Project Curie in some ways which I plan on doing. I hope that we can work together with the descriptionsonthespot community (sorry, guys, I've been busy catching up with work after the wedding and such) to help promote some of those posts, as I know we have an active writing community and I think (or hope) some enjoy free word association.

Steemgrants, Steemwriters, and Steemscholarships

These are all underway. I have still commissioned the most basic light-weight client and am waiting on some updates from the developer that has been hired (early Steem community member).

The goal is for this to be as light-weight of an interface as possible to allow anyone to build on top of it.

Another Secret Project (hopefully for not long!)

Finally, there is another secret project in the works (maybe I've mentioned it to some of you). I hope that this can be rolled out soon, but it may take awhile, as development takes time. At the least, I am hoping a beta version will be ready so that you all can test it. Let's just say, it'd be nice to spend those steem dollars somewhere, right?


Thanks to the devs for all their hardwork and for all the witnesses who spend time doing code review!

Edit to remove incorrect info on voting re-target which has stayed the same.

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Quite a genius, and generous plan!

I was wondering what you were up to.
This is definitely a solid advantage to the new option.
Thank you @complexring!

Holla amigo

Nice update. I like your projects and...I look forward to your feedback on mine ;-)


Yes! I will give it a look over and let you know!

Looking forward for your new projects complexring, there was an idea of making a P2P lending solution on steemit and use SP as collateral, is that similar to the steemgrant?

P.S: I am deff voting on your re-blogs! lol

does this reblog feature means we can repost anyone blogs winthout permission?


Correct. It's like a hot link to their post, and it shows up on your followers' feeds.

Thanks for the info!

I think the projects you are working will be helpful and will help to bring new members to the community. Thanks for what you do!

I hope your transition to married life is going well. :) Best wishes!

Well i think that its great to see that whales show their "correct" use of steemit. What i mean is that its great to see you involved in all those projects, however i would reccomend going thorugh the re-blog option once again.

I have already outlayed my thought in dans post and im really not a frim believer in this feature untill it i slaunched correclty, imho, on a seperate tag AND re blog must count towards the 4 limit post (this way people woldnt click re blog just when they want to, they would only do it, when they really want to help out)


Re-blogs are really nothing more than a metatag JSON information and are a UI feature interpreted on Steemit and not so much on the blockchain itself. This is why they don't count for the 4 post limit.


Thats correct.

I was just saying that i think, that they would work better if they were that.

The point of the feed tab is to see what we like, and to follow the authors we want to follow. Hence a seperate tab for re-blog is a must


I don't disagree. My feed looks cluttered as is. I had already voiced your concerns prior. A few suggestions: separate re-blog page for each user's reblogs(i.e. you can go to my page and see who I re-blog) and a separate re-blog page of all the people you are following re-blogs.


That would be the best option, an easier one (although much worse) is to just have an option to "mute" re-bloged posts.

I still have a concern of how this option will be used (i heard of people pay each other to reblog posts :-( )

The change to 5 votes per day was not included in today's hardfork.
Voting power and vote weights are unaffected in 0.14.2.

Cool and interesting idea! Certainly Reblogging is a really awesome new feature. It will help expose so many authors and is also a door for new projects like this one. Please check out my post about FEATURING vs REBLOGGING, you may decide it is worth reblogging, hehe

Great update, thanks for the info and the teaser of the upcoming project (I wonder what it is... :) ).

Also it would be No comprendo Espanol. You conjugate the verb to comprehend (comprender) meaning I comprehend (Comprendo) No is placed in front to indicate that you don't. Assuming my highschool spanish classes still hold up.


Ich gelernt Deutsch in Gymnasium, nicht Spanisch!

(I'm sure that's wrong, too!)


It's "ich lernte Deutsch," or "ich habe Deutsch gelernt" if you want to use the past participle. :p.

I follow you, and I normally vote on your work, but a 5 vote maximum per day was imposed almost 2 hours ago.
It appears that nobody will make the same amounts as before the change.


thats true. i saw my voting power going down by 1% after upvoting CR post.


You do realize that the 5 vote change didn't go into effect, right?


They announced it wouldn't change over a week ago.


Great to know! I was confused on this issue as well. I thought it hadn't gone through, and then there were several who said it did go through, etc.


I had read miles of comments since this was proposed. They seemed hard nosed about it. I read it and thought that the planned new "Voting Power Algorithm Unchanged."
I also found this while waiting for the hard fork -
Lots of chaos and confusion. If nothing has changed, I have 2500 Steem that might make it our of Poloniex.


better for me :D

Good stuff, I like... this idea.

Good luck!

You are failing on this front as of now. Are you not unaware or do you have any objections on the whole idea. If yes, can you explain?


I have changed my price feed script to allow for a discounted rate and there is something wrong with the script that I need to debug, so I have been updating manually in the meantime.


Thanks for the quick response!
I really do not get the complexity of you guys (witnesses) thinking. Today I had a conversation with another witness. Geez... The feed is easy fix in my view - just multiply the price/number you get up to now by the average discount other witness apply (~ 0.90 currently) Done. THEN fine tune your scripts in the days ahead!


I added a global variable to my feed script called DISCOUNT which allowed me to adjust the price. I then multiplied this value by the variable in python that is used in the conversion to a string to publish the price feed (i.e. you need it in the form of "1.000 STEEM" and "0.410 SBD").

This quick fix of multiplying a float by another float failed and now I am going through to see what's going on with it.

I have been doing precisely what you suggest manually. What's the problem?

In addition, I really don't have time to interact with and respond to someone who continuously flags people's original content (like @edgeland's entirely unique post on Nonverbal Education from Huxley's "Island". I happen to be partial to that user ... ).