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Greetings All,

I am @coinz. I was a witness back in the summer of 2016 and am now going to get back in the witness game.


Why am I restarting witnessing now? For two simple reasons, it is dead simple and the cost is reasonable.

I'm would classify myself as a coin hobbyist with decent skills when it comes to compiling a coin from source, mining, etc. Way back when I even created my own coin for fun. So last summer when I did the STEEM witness/mining/node I found it more challenging and costly than I preferred. There wasn't a definitive guide on how to do either, so there was a lot of trial and error and the cost of running traditional multiple VPS was high. It was definitely fun to finally get it right but the cost did not justify the end results.

Fast forward to today. The STEEM ecosystem has matured a lot since then and there are more options to provide advance services such as Witnessing. Tutorials have become better and internal STEEM users are providing really good services. I have chosen one of those services that make Witnessing dead simple.

I have bought a server from Privex, Inc. @privex a company owned by @someguy123. I paid for the server in STEEM so I'm supporting the STEEM community which is a good thing. Please visit if you want to purchase a VPS/server for your own witness. The cost of 1 Privex VPS is less expensive then the costs of all the VPS I used back in the summer of 2016.

My setup is a 16GB RAM, 4 Core, 200GB HDD with 1 gbit/s. A nice setup for witnessing.

So there you have it. I'm now a witness again with a good VPS and I'm supporting the STEEM community by paying for my setup in STEEM rather than using Amazon AWS, etc.

Please vote for me at

Edit - As added value I am publishing a constantly updated price feed as well.

Edit 2 - Per Request (Tutorials Credit @someguy123)

PM @privex on Steemit Chat for Steem Witness Server -

This post if you follow it step-by-step 100% works -

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Really? No talk about improving the steemit community? No talk about how the blockchain technology is preserving privacy? Lovely
Not the normal witness address we've come to expect



I respect your opinion. Truly. Each witness has a unique way of introducing themselves and interacting with the community. I'm not really one to chat and interact everyday. Not my style. But if I may retort.

The simple fact of operating a Witness is adding value to the community. Steem witnesses are the backbone of the Steem blockchain and without them it wouldn't work. The simple fact that I and others operate them make this whole thing work. It requires a certain amount of technical expertise and EXPENSE to run a Witness. Yes, I spent my Steem to setup and run this Witness. Additionally, as mentioned in this post, instead of using US Dollars and giving it to a company such as Amazon AWS I chose to keep my money in the Steem Community with a respected member of the community, @someguy123. So I am giving back and improving the Steemit community.

I realize your passion and respect what you do to contribute to the community. You account does not appear to be a Witness and I would encourage you to attempt to learn how to setup a Steem Witness and fork out the necessary USD, Steem or whatever currency you use in your location and revisit your criticism of me.


o no, you got me wrong, im not criticising you! Im actually surprised and happy to see a new format apart from the usual call to help out the community and all that. It isnt bad or cliché,you took a different approach in setting up your update post, straight to the point. This is one time when am actually commending, Im hoping you go far as a witness.


My apologies, good sir, I misread your original comment.

Hey, It would be nice If you can provide us with a tutorial of how to get into the whole witness game and how to setup on the VPS etc. I would definitely upvote again for content like that. I have seen articles about mining steem on windows 64bit PC but the VPS method sounds more practical. Thanks for this post though, I wasn't even aware of Privex VPS and that It can be done using a VPS.


PM @privex on Steemit Chat for Steem Witness Server -

Prices are on this Post -

This post if you follow it step-by-step 100% works -

Caveat, you must use the Privex server because you are pulling repos from his server. Or at least I assume as much. I haven't tried above from another server. I have installed Witness using a recently but it takes FOREVER because you don't have a bootstrap of the blockchain and a $40 server from linode only gives you half as much juice as a Privex $50 in hard drive space in memory. AWS would be even more expensive. I highly recommend Privex on many fronts.