Witness update 18/10/06: Things clayop is doing in Korea for Steem

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Hi Steemians. Recently I barely posted in English because most of my efforts aimed to Korean community, and bumpy HF20! I think now is the best timing to update the whole Steem community with my activities in Korea.

1. Supporting 3rd-party Apps

Korean has a big and active community. Naturally, some of members are entreprenures and they are willing to use Steem as their business basis. But starting a business is not an easy task and requires much support. Luckly, I have some Steem Power to support projects.
Currently, I am delegating SP to six projects: Tasteem, Steemhunt, Tripsteem, Dclick, AllSteem, and Weboss, for each 50k~100k SP. The list is expanding. I am contacting a couple of additional project directors at this moment. You may wonder the criteria of SP delegation. The most important thing is business model that can attract money from outside of Steem. For instance, Tasteem may able to sell their curation theme cards to restaurants, Steemhunt can be used for viral marketing, and Dclick can attract advertisers. I expect these projects facilitating influx of money into Steem and consequently increase the value of Steem.

2. Encouraging Company-based Witnesses

Recently, many Korean community members are questioning about the role of witnesses and their responsibilities, especially compared to EOS block producers. Since EOS is at larger scale and many company-based BPs are participating, Steem witnesses can be seen as smaller and less active (But I think that Steem witnesses are already very professional enough!). Anyways, having company-based witnesses sounds good for us. It tells that Steem has grown from individual's ground to company's.
Running witnesse nodes not only needs readme documents, but also technical know-hows, community contributions, marketing, and many other experiences. I am helping Korean company-based witnesses with their set-ups and strategic plans. @bukio (Buk.io) and @snackplus (TripSteem) are inside of the field already, and as far as I know, another big player is ready to launch. I am really glad Korean community began to participate global Steem network as witnesses and hope to see their greater contributions.

3. Speaking out Steem

I have many opportunities as a speaker in Korea. Since my return to home in March, I have a dozen of public presentation with from twenty to a thousand audiences regarding Steem(it), and had some interviews as well. I always attempt to use these chances for promoting Steem and motivating people to participate in Steem. No suprising results has not happen yet, but I believe there is slow and steady move in Korea towards Steem.

And More...

In six months (hopefully), we will have Communities and SMT. This conversion must not be easy. One of plan is cooperating potential SMT operators with this conversion and firming the ground.
We also need to improve RC system, reputation, sign-up, login, etc. I am trying to be a communicator between Steemit devs and Korean community members who have numbers of novel ideas on these issues.

While I am focusing on Korean community, my ultimate goal is the success of all Steemians. Korean community can be a testbed with good experiments and innovative attempts. I always appreciate your support and warm encouragement for me.

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Well said! Your "big picture" perspective is what I wish more Witnesses would take to heart! The "company" witness agenda could allow more visionary and objective oriented goals with definitive timelines. If a "GE trained" company ever takes interest in the Steemit Witness program; I think innovation will be enhanced with more discipline (in other words more user pull and less developer "push") to timeline accountability!

Thank you for your support. I really appreciate it.
Currently, I'm working on a travel platform. (https://kr.tripsteem.com)
Also I’ll launch Global version at 2018/11.

I have plan to participate global Steem network as witnesses.
Please have a lot of interest and Let me know your experience.^^ thanks.

Thanks for the update @clayop, seems like you have a lot in your hands. I'll be referring some korean developers to you for more!


Wow. Thanks! Looking forward to your reference.

+1 for company witnesses, they would more often have the resources required to support a solid and stable infrastructure beyond what individual witnesses can offer today.


Absolutely yes. But they also need time to learn and accumulate experiences. I am trying to help with it.


That's great, let me know if I can be of help in any way.



Wonderful! This is exactly the kind of work I'd love to see more top witnesses supporting. I wish more SP holders and top witnesses would use their resources and income to help build this ecosystem. While I post regularly rather than running a witness, I also make donations from nearly every post payout to worthy projects and community leaders. We need to continue supporting projects and communities that build on Steem. (Re-steemed this post)


Thanks a lot :)

You just got my witness vote @clayop.

Keep up the good work!

great efforts :)

plz checking the undelegate upgrade
after HF20
immediately undelegate not possible :(

thanks :)


Undelegation requires 5 days
we have actually reduced the return time to 5 days and fixed exploits.


7 to 5 days
i got it !
thanks :)

Great work! You have really helped the whole community, not just Korea. You are a dynamo, I look forward to your next report.

I have followed you ever since the last hardfork and your involement led me to vote you as a witness, and after reading this I feel my decision as correct.
Thank you very much for the effects you have taken to make this awesome platform to become a the blockchain community in the world.
Good luck with your future ambitions.

Hello @clayop,

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