Cervantes Delegates

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Cervantes Delegates

Warm greetings, friends!

As you know, the Cervantes Project has made it to the Top 20 Witnesses, to date we are in the 19th spot. The entire Cervantes Project team has worked tirelessly to fulfill what had been our main objective until now: to be one of Top 20 Witnesses.

We have managed to get here thanks to our team’s amazing efforts, yes, but, above all, thanks to the unconditional support of the users. Cervantes was born as a project to encourage the participation and growth of the Spanish-speaking community in Steemit and this is how we’ve grown to become this great family of more than fifteen thousand users.

Being a part of the Top 20 Witnesses is an important responsibility for us, and we were already thinking about how to go a little further in our efforts and strengthening the growth of the community even more. We want to continue supporting and contributing to the Spanish content in Steemit and therefore we dare to take the next step.

We will soon give way to Cervantes Delegates, an initiative through which the Cervantes Project is committed to delegate 25% of all the STEEM generated while it is in the Top 20 Witnesses. This delegation will be destined to other projects that support the Spanish speaking community and the creation of Spanish content.

This delegation is free of charge. We won’t ask for anything in return other than good work from and towards the community. It will be divided into projects already established in the platform and new projects or communities in the process of growing to favour their inclusion.

Each month we will delegate around 2000 STEEM to quality projects or communities that effectively support the creation of content in Spanish and that are consistent in their contributions.

Taking part in this new initiative is simple: just leave a comment on this post from the official account of the project or community following this format:

Manager(s):user or users in charge
Followers:number of followers
SP(delegatedSP):amount of SP and in parenthesis the delegated SP
Discord:link to the project’s Discord server
Description:brief description of the project or community, what they contribute to the Spanish-speaking community and what their objectives are
What would you do with the delegation?briefly explain how and what you would use the steem delegation for

We’ll be on the look-out for all your entries!

We are waiting for you this week in our Discord community! Come to discover, learn, debate and socialize in the community of Cervantes users!


A Witness is responsible for maintaining part of the servers/nodes so that Steemit won’t crash and that users always have the possibility to post, comment, vote and receive transfers. @Cervantes is opting to be a Witness of Steemit as a representative of the Spanish speaking Community

If you like our content, support @Cervantes as Witness in


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https://steemit.com/@cervantes Welcome This post is very nice animated-flower-images-and-wallpapers-8.jpg

Congratulations for your 19th place, it is an achievement of yours, but that all the Spanish-speaking steemit is happy to contribute their grain of sand, I am even more enthusiastic about this new initiative to delegate to smaller Spanish-speaking projects, it is an excellent opportunity to support more talent in Spanish, I hope that many projects will be supported, and spread the word to participate, thank you very much for the support.

Congratulation Good Job brother.

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Greetings friends of the Great Cervantes Project ... excellent initiative :)

Very thoughtful!
More like giving back to the community. I love it!

nice job! Creo que vas a hacer mucha gente feliz. La unica cosa que tienes que explicar es... para cuanto tiempo vas a dar una delega? Each month you will delegate 2k but then for how long it would be delegated?