@blockbrothers SPS vote list update (November 2019).

Many Steemians have entrusted us with their proxy witness vote and this proxy vote also counts for SPS proposals.

As usual we want to be as transparant in our choices as we can.

We like to back a new proposal this month with our vote.

SPS Proposal for Steem Keychain Development by @yabapmatt.

If anyone is against these choices let us know. Votes go out in a couple of days.


Other proposals we are currently backing:

Documentation for developers who work on the Steem blockchain by @inertia.

SteemWorld Support by @steemchiller.

If you support us please vote here for @blockbrothers or set us as proxy
or use these SteemConnect links

Makers of Steemify. The dedicated notification app for anything happening on the Steem blockchain.

or apply for the Android beta here : [email protected]

Get our tools:

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Get in touch:

[email protected] | [email protected]
Telegram: https://t.me/blockbrothers


The keychain extension is a wonderful addition to my Brave Browser! 👍😎

It sure is!

@blockbrothers You have received a 100% upvote from @steemguardian because this post did not use any bidbots and you have not used bidbots in the last 30 days!

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Blockbrothers still kicking ass and progressively leading.

You have my vote and support.

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