HIVE Could Face a Massive Class Action Lawsuit for Intellectual Property Theft

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A group of rogue members of the Steem blockchain community have unilaterally copied the intellectual property of millions of content creators without even the slightest decency to even attempt to seek their consent. The Steem blockchain not only holds the financial property of its users, in the form of STEEM, STEEM POWER and SBD, but also the intellectual property of those content creators who have contributed their creative expressions, unique intellectual insights and generous financial advice.

These intellectual assets belong on the Steem blockchain, where they are safe guarded by the indelible open ledger. In fact, the blockchain demonstrates the proof that you are the author of your works, for the blockchain cannot be altered. Hence, if I publish an article, I can eternally prove that I was the creator of that content with date and time. That information then becomes a valuable part of my Steem account. My STEEM, my STEEM POWER, my SBD and my CONTENT belong to me, and serve to bring value to my account, as well as the Steem ecosystem.

Those people who have copied our intellectual property are now using that property to increase the value of the HIVE blockchain, and will not reward you for what they gain from our content. The HIVE group will now market themselves with OUR creations, they will market themselves with OUR accounts, perhaps even convincing unsuspecting newcomers or businesses that they have a user base of millions of people.

I am deeply offended by this irresponsible, unprofessional and immature act of vengeance and obstreperous childishness!

I DEMAND that you cease and desist this illegal use of my intellectual property by shutting down this fraudulent HIVE blockchain. You do not have my permission to include my content on your blockchain. I don't want to hear anyone say that my content can be excluded from the frontend websites that display what is on the HIVE blockchain; I want my content off of the HIVE blockchain, as it solely belongs on the Steem blockchain!

If you want to create your own HIVE blockchain, start from scratch!!! That way you can all do whatever you want with your own content, your own rules, your own governance and your own clique of self-righteous, hubristic thieves!



Youre an idiot. lol. Nothing was "copied."
Its a continuation of the chain in another direction.

Just like you did here anyone on HIVE could say that their content is copied on Steem and that HIVE is the only legit chain.

You people know jack shit about blockchain which is probably why you are supporting Justin Sun.

Yeah, if the guy is able to load the gun and fire at HIVE, it'll be used to shoot a future steem hardfork for the same reason. What's more, a centralised target (STEEM) is a juicier target.

Funny. You know what? I don't want to steem hold my intelectual content. I'm gonna sue steem/it.

Steem has no my permission to hold, view or publish my content.

I hope it is clear.


You can create Hard fork and remove your posts

I don't believe you can though.

I'm not familiar with how STEEM blocks might differ, but in a PoW system like Bitcoin, you cannot fork to remove historic data. That historic data is built into the hashes and part of what chains every block together. If we decided "Let's exclude post #1231 from 10K blocks ago", that block would have a different hash, which would ripple through every block after it. You would no longer be able to validate the last 10k blocks, the fork would have had to have occurred 10k blocks ago.

The fork is as of last week, therefore we split as of last week. History up until that point is the same, because STEEM is HIVE and HIVE is STEEM. They were one chain, then at version 22.5 some witnesses say "Version 23 has X updates" and other witnesses say "Version 23 has Y updates" Its why you can go see the HIVE witnesses on STEEM and the STEEM witnesses on HIVE, both systems still detect the others witnesses as being valid consensus nodes running different versions than their respective top 20 are running.

Everyone needs to stop making claims they know nothing about. I'm a DApp developer and blockchain researcher, my thesis was on taking blockchain and DAG tech and trying to retrofit it to power MMO's instead of a coin, and I am sitting here thinking "Whether we can or can't do these things is determined by the structure of a block and unless STEEM did it very different than it isn't possible". If I don't know what we can and can't do without taking a dive on my own, I am positive that most users won't know either. I don't even think the new Steemit Inc. knows enough about the system they purchased to make that decision. As far as I'm aware, only the witnesses and other devs working on core/working with core code would know enough to make that call. Random users in comment sections are probably not qualified.

Generally, you can do this in Bitcoin (Hard Fork), but the community doesn't want them. Hard Fork is a violation of consensus, community division, and tragedy in general. In my opinion the reason is simple - Bitcoin is a big network, so censorship (like in Hive) will not pass.

I'm sorry, but you are stupid/have no idea how blockchain work.

  1. You can't sue HIVE, it's not person or company. It's blockchain.
  2. This is how blockchain fork looks like:

    Nothing was moved to HIVE from STEEM, chain just separated.

I was also quite surprised all my content were automatically transferred to HIVE.

It is not transfered, it is forked. It is how blockchain works. Hive = steem but as new fork. You have your account there also ready to login.

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