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RE: Yabapmatt's Witness Update

in #witness-category2 years ago

A sleepless night which gave me the perfect opportunity to catch up on your post. OMG, I must be so behind on steem-related activities because in removing some witness votes earlier, I noticed you are now numero uno! Congrats Matt! So happy for you and so well deserved for all the work you put in to the Steem ecosystem.

The blockchain conference at Penn sounds interesting. Finally a weekend event but I think the topic of discussion is beyond my expertise. Good luck at Penn and the Fillmore!


Oh come on, you should totally come to the conference this weekend! You probably know more than a lot of people there just by using Steem for so long. DM me on Discord and I can give you a code for 70% off the ticket price.

You give me too much credit, but I appreciate the sentiment. :)

No amount of cajoling could get me away this weekend. That code would have come in handy if I could have gone (thank you for the offer). I will make it to one of these events one day!

I tried to talk my way into going.....

We have to finish tax this weekend.
BUT I get to meet my favorite witness!
It's going to be a beautiful day.
I could discover some Steem Monsters gameplay secrets ;)

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