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RE: An Appeal to Holders of BitShares

This was not a whimsical removal. It appears your witness was producing incorrect price feeds. Please visit the Bitshares forum and join in the discussion there. You must remedy your witness behavior and convince voters you will do better in the future.,23614.msg301306.html#msg301306


As Bitshares usage grows, a witness can no longer be justified by a grandfathered role. As a witness you must remain attentive and responsive to the needs of the network, the community, and the markets.

I agree, but not much has been done until today despite all the discussion. I have no idea who you are, have we spoken before? Do you participate in the Friday morning mumble sessionS? If so what name do you use? If I would hazard a guess it would be user "kani" from the thread you linked.

Wackou updated his feed script and I followed suit shortly after. Note the version I posted above is newer than that. I will be asking questions in tomorrow morning's BitShares mumble. Perhaps it's simply a matter that some whale(s) have decided they want other witnesses in, which has caused a lot of activity. Alt may have voted me out but that wasn't the crucial vote, as I was still voted in after that.

Alt is one of the few BitShares community members that act as a communications path between west and east participants. btswildpig was another, but he has been less active recently. Why didn't alt post his concerns in a more appropriate place, like the BitShares Witness or Alerts channels on Telegram? And why was the thread on the forum titled so poorly, not giving any indication of the importance of the issue being discussed or the real issue it was addressing (NOT the price of gold asset but accuracy of feeds)? It also wasn't posted in the forum under witnesses where I might have seen it.

These decisions don't appear to be in the best interests of the BitShares platform IMO. They also appear to be hasty and narrow minded, focusing on price feeds and not the other things witnesses need to do. You claim decision wasn't whimsical, but it wasn't exactly well reasoned either. User alt led the charge in that thread but has not taken into account the feed source issues all of us have seen. The 2 sources alt mentioned may not be available everywhere or may require a subscription.

I am very attentive to alerts and discussions. No major concerns have been raised in the media witnesses rely on for news. Like most of the witnesses I rely on others to produce a feed script. I choose wackou's bts_tools scripts because they have far more comprehensive functionality than any other scripts I have seen. I use wackou's tools as you can see from this post. If the sources are unreliable so will the feed be. This is what has been discussed in that thread and on Telegram lately.

I do not expect special treatment for being involved a long time, but I do expect feedback from anyone that perceives an issue. If issues are not raised explicitly, not just saying "the feeds are wrong" without plenty of evidence as to why, or expecting great attention to be paid with a question like "What's the price of Gold?" it IS whimsical or at the very least not helpful. There have been other witnesses that have neglected their duties far more egregiously than is claimed I have. How many of the new witnesses are producing feeds? Who is going to provide feeds for Bit20? Was that even considered when votes were cast? I doubt it.

The thread you linked above is for A SINGLE asset, gold. That thread is also almost 1 month old. I read it when alt posted the OP, including xeroc's replies which gave me the impression alt was being hasty in his conclusions.

You wanted explanation. I searched and found best evidence of vote removal. Yours from here.

OK, thanks, and for comment below. Perhaps your right. It may just serve as a lesson to alt and myself to change how we go about things.

You're welcome. And sorry I didn't answer the rest of your questions. You don't know me. I'm not active in any Bitshares communities. I have BTS and interest.

If alt has influence in China, maybe he convinced others that this best way to bring attention to his issue? I don't know, only speculation. Maybe you're the best guy for this to happen to? Because maybe you have the connections and channels to be louder.

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