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I am pretty sure it's been quite a busy month for every witnesse and Steemian, and that wasn't that different for me. Here is a short update of my activities.

Block Producing

Witness node has been running smoothly.
The node version remains with 0.19.5.
1 missed block in the last week.

Vigorously Promoting Steempayco Project

I have been working on Steempayco(https://steempay.co) project which is the new payment system using SBD, and spent quite a lot of hours for design, implementation and promotion of it.

Being supported by KR community, @steempayco account now holds about 60k Steem Power. The entire Steem Power is being used for promoting Steempayco project in the way of voting to the postings from the Steempayco ambassadors.


For the moment, Korean, Japanese, Maxican, Malaysian and Indonesian communities are actively promoting Steempayco. However that hasn't improved the usage much. Please participate this promotion by delegating SP to @steempayco.

KR Guidedog Project is close to retire

After 10 months of service, KR Guidedog project is now less active than before. I withdrew all of my Steem Power that were delegated to @krguidedog, and delegated to @steempayco for helping the project going forward. Due to the lack of SP, @krguidedog is now struggling to fight against to the spam and plagiarism. I prospect that KR Guidedog will retire soon.

Witness Insight has new features

There have been number of updates for Witness Insight(http://steeme.com/witness) tool.
Voting Management:
New Warning Strategy:

Please consider witness voting for @asbear


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스팀페이코 프로젝트 아자~아자~아자~퐈이야~!!!

bluengel_i_g.jpg Created by : mipha thanks :)항상 행복한 하루 보내셔용^^ 감사합니다 ^^

I have upvote you in your post please doo the same for me....

How come there is no 'About' page or info at steempay.co? I wanted to read up more about the project. But there is no information there at all.


that's good point. couldn't spare some time for it. I've been posting things about it on Steemit but not on the website. will try to make it :)


your post is very beautiful I like your post thanks buddy. By. @adit123