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Dear all witnesses,

I have set up a witness node and a seed node located in Western Europe using high quality Azure instance that includes DDOS protection, automatic backups, an autostart cron job in case of troubles.

Azure guarantees a 99.9% uptime too and can easily be scaled up to meet the needs of the network in the future.

I'm not new on steem but didn't really have time to pay attention to it until now (please apologize for my sentimental moment, but I was really kicking myself for not mining steem earlier :P )

I am currently working with a few others on a few projects for steem, including #pevo, auction site, a naive mobile app for steemit.com and a few others secret stuffs, which I hope could reveal soon.

Witness: aizensou


You use the following command if you want to support me as witness ( I know it's a crowded competition now but still :D)

vote_for_witness youraccount aizensou true true

Thank you in advance!

Sincerely yours.


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  ·  last year

Welcome to "The Game of Witnesses", where you either WIN or DIE!!!!

  ·  last year

Die in peace :D

  ·  last year

Winter is Coming

  ·  last year

Nice one @aizensou :)

  ·  last year

Pretty good @aizensou :D

  ·  last year

Thank for your supports guys. You rocks !

  ·  last year

Hi Aizen,

Is your identity public?

  ·  last year

Hi ned,
Not yet but a few people know me. I could send u an email for more informations.