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RE: Witness Application - @adamm to Support the Growth of Steem

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I did read somewhere that you would need 16gb to run the latest update. Don't take my word though, i'm sure someone can confirm.

Anyway, a Brit witness! Would you be the first?


I am literally just speaking to one of my devs about that. It may get a very quick upgrade :)

ahh Sweet. Well i'm going to add a vote for you, slightly biased as i'm English but what the hell!

Thanks, if you haven't already you should look at @tremendospercy posts. He is leading up TeamGB in the famous Steemwars.

Yeah i'm a follower, i may have missed a recent update. Time to go look, cheers!

Just an FYI. My server now has 16GB RAM. I cannot find any confirmation on whether 10GB is enough or not so better to be safe than sorry :)

You can monitor the RAM usage with the command: htop
You might have to install it if it's not installed, will give you something like this:

This is perfect. Thank you for sharing. Upvoted your comment and followed.

Glad to help. I'm planning on running a witness server too. What's the memory usage you got?
P.S. voted for you as witness and followed. I like your witness application.

To be honest I haven't checked yet. I just upgraded to be safe than sorry. I am still a very new witness so I will not be using the full 16GB yet.
I will install htop as you say and see how it's doing.

and thanks for the vote :) let me know when your node is up and running.

It's up as of today, I posted my application.

Good man, certainly better to be safe than sorry. I cast my vote for you as witness 🇬🇧 😁

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