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RE: Do you know what is meant by win-win and win-lose?

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Win/Win situation - When an individual is involved in an event, while having 2 options, whichever he chooses, he profits from the outcome.

Win/Lose situation - When an individual is involved in an event, while having 2 options, one options leads to a profitable outcome, whereas the other one leads to a negative outcome.

*Profit is not strictly financial. Profit is everything that makes the individual feel good.


It is only applicable when there are two parties - the two terms apply to each different party. So a win-win is when you and I do a trade that creates a win for both of us; win-lose happens when one of us has to win and the other has to lose.

When I was writing first draft I actually had 2 parties there. At the end I had to disagree with myself and therefore with you. When speaking about win/win – win/lose situation, it has nothing to do with more parties committed, if not previously stated as a premise. Win/lose are strictly subjective matter. When an individual is met by an event, he estimates whether he profits from the event or not. He does not care about others at this point. Just because one wins or one loses, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it affects others in a way where they feel the positive or negative outcome of his actions. For all we know to the second party there could have a completely different win/win – win/lose ratio, therefore the outcome of individual n.1 would be neutral if it did not directly affect the individual n.2.
That’s just what I think/ how I understand the term.

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