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🧡 Hi Steemians 🧡!

I want to send a BIG THANK YOU out to all of you for your ongoing support! I woke up this morning and saw that I'm almost at 1000 followers and I almost skipped my coffee and went straight for champagne! I stuck with coffee though, it's only Tuesday...


Mid-coffee. Yesterday's make-up. You're welcome?

This blog has been such a creative outlet for me and I constantly find myself looking for new wines and topics to talk to you guys about.

On that note, what would you like to see from me?! In my introduction post I talked about the fact that I'm a wine/travel nerd. For the most part, those two go hand in hand for me as I'm usually traveling to wine regions! Do you guys want to see more travel stuff? Or maybe have me delve deeper into 'Wine 101' style lessons? ie: Icewine vs. Late Harvest wine, Cab Sauv vs. Cab Franc, or even something as simple as the difference between Pinot Gris and Merlot! I want to know what you guys want to learn about or see from me!

My goal is always to engage the community as much as possible and build a little wino squad on here. :)


Thanks for reading 🍷


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Hello, Jen

It's nice to read such posts.
They are beautiful, full of gratitude and vivid photos.

Thanks for writing.

You inspired me to write a comment in a special way. Just like you are your post.

Such posts give ideas for writing their own.

Upvote and following


so amazing reward



What is ice wine? It is a wine made from grapes picked when they are frozen. In most cases, it is a white wine from grapes such as Riesling and Vidal. There are also red ice wine made from Cabernet Franc. Some areas even make ice wine with grape varieties such as Syrah, Merlot and Sangiovese!


You are correct!


Yes but there is a rule how many days (×) needs to be below some (y) degres Celsius. Show me what you got ;)

I love wine too.

Very cool article - I am new to steem and please follow me back if you like my content! Thanks @quote-of-the-day

great post congrats! I am new to steem please upvote or follow me back if you like :) @morfee

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Am new as well so do help each other to understand this platform.... :-) @khurramali

Nashville, home of the music. truly love that mug. Good work. I'm a bit of a nerd in regards to education and entertainment. Love games. Was in Vietnam. I'm Oatmeal. Liked. Shared. Upvoted. Resteemed.

Congrats on the 1K followers :)
How did you come to find + join Steemit, was it through cryptocurrencies... word of mouth or stumbling across someones Blog post in Google and realising how cool it is and wanting your own?

I hope your account continues to grow, next target... 10K!

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I've actually written a short post myself and thought to mention you because I really enjoyed reading this post. You can find it here.

Is there a such thing as wine that can taste flat? I had some awhile ago came back to it in 2 months didn't taste as good?


Absolutely! Some low quality wines can fall flat on the palate, or maybe the wine has been open for a while. Don't worry, not just you!


Ok thanks I'm not a wine drinker foreal just mainly have them for my guest sometimes. I figured it did get to much air thanks for the response.

@travelingsomm WoW! Congrats on the awesome milestone :) Sign me up for the wine squad lol Best wishes. @splendorhub

Congrats for your goals! =)
I think both subject are interesting, but I would like to hear more about wines, after all you really have a lot of knowledge!


Agreed and wisdom is power for sure.

You are SUCH an INSPIRATION!! I love reading your posts and recently got into blogging for fun! I cannot wait to read more of your content and share it! Congrats on the 1K Followers and counting!!

you're welcome.
I would like to read more and see pictures about the travelling :) give us the feeling that we are also there

I have recently found out the benefits of red wine. I tried to drink some red wine daily. I did wonder how can we determine the quality of red wine since I am not a frequent wine drinker in the past. Perhap you can write about wine appreciate and how describe how the taste will be like.

i like your post ^^

@berniesanders @grumpycat @wtf.. #abuse.. @hendrix22 @morten @geronimo @thejohalfiles The rewards on these posts are getting somewhat excessive and if not curbed will be the wine travelling haejin.. Multiple posts of little substantive content and disproportionate rewards payout.. ???????? Someone with some horsepower needs to give this a look..


Why not call on @haejin and @ranchorelaxo as well? They're were pioneer's in this trade. This will be the one of the many pairs that follow their lead. They should help clean this shit up...and straighten out themselves why they're at it.

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I totally agree, and I would, but they have a well defined pattern of doing nothing for the health of the site, only for their own benefit.. So to expect either of them to step up and do something proactive that would actually help the site at this point; well that is kinda like standing on the top of a speeding train while pissing into the wind.

I see you hitting over 1000 followers let Me soon we will be celebrating 5000 followers. Your keep your blog lively and that alone gets you more followers. As for Me I will like to see both Wine and Travel. Like you could travel to a nice country and check out the wines there then give us both update about the country and the wines there...what do you think?

Wine and travel beautiful combination... Please tell us more about wines and their origins

Wine and travel - what could be better? I'm waiting for your wonderful entries. Of course, I support. I hope for reciprocity, although my blog is very modest ... ah)))

Congrat!!! I'm a beginner to wine and your detailed post future will be helpful to understand the wine for me.

dlalwl 10.jpg

you deserve more and more all support wish you all the best

Interesting and creative with much appreciation from us!

Quality, not quantity. Active users are more valuable - they can vote for your posts or share with you critics which is mother of quality content. It's better to have 50 active followers than 1000 many different, including inactive, followers. I'm sorry for dumb English, I'm Slavic.

I would definitely be on the champagne ;-)
Congrats to you! Keep it up, lady!

Have you sampled any of the wines Australia has? thoughts..

we love your post!

It,s nice to read such posts,upvote and following
Thanks for writing

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Te felicito! de seguro seguirás creciendo!

I am new on this platform but the stories of people like you are much helpful and encouraging for me to work on this. I hope you will be considered one of the best writer on Steemit

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Coffee is energy! Boom energy!

Look at the numbers... (maybe and my posts :-)

Formula of caffeine: C8 H10 N4 O2
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Formula of cocaine: C17 H21 N1 O4
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Energy everywhere

Niceeee ... Congratulations and cheers on your milestone @travelingsomm

I think that now bitcoin is popular )

Have fun baby

So do u often drink wine during daytime?😂

You are most welcome!!

I almost skipped my coffee and went straight for champagne! I stuck with coffee though, it's only Tuesday...

You made the right choice. Congradulations, that's a big acheivement!

I like your posts,happy to follow your journey.

Wino squad stand up! 💪💪💪