Expert Tips to Keep Your Home Windows Beautiful Forever

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The windows of your home aren’t just utility structures which are there just for the sake of it… They contribute significantly towards the overall look and feel of your home, lending it a valuable appeal. You might be sparing a lot of thought towards accessorizing your windows with the finest curtains, blinds or Graber Window Treatments – which is great, but, what are you doing about their maintenance?

Well-maintained windows are essential to compliment the window-based investments as well as to ensure your security.

Here are some easy tips to extend the longevity of your windows.

Always keep them clean

Start with the basics – ensure your windows are spick and span. Use a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt and dust from your wooden windows. While doing this, make sure you don’t use too much of water, as excess moisture left behind on wood can cause it to rot. In case you have aluminum or vinyl frames, keep a separate gentle scrubbing brush and a mild soap or detergent. Give special attention to the glass and make it a habit to use specialized glass cleaners. While cleaning the windows, make sure you check the surrounding casing or wall areas too, because at times debris accumulated there can build up to jam your windows.

Keep a check on them regularly

If not every month, it is very important to conduct a thorough inspection of your complete window infrastructure every season. Examine the frame, sash, weather stripping, paint and casing gap to ensure that they are in good condition. Check every hinge to look for any traits of rot. If you observe rotting, ensure that you repair the seals, because moisture accumulation usually occurs due to broken seals.

Keep re-painting whenever need arises

In case you have metallic or wooden window frames, it is advisable to get a re-paint after every three to four years. A proper coating of paint protects your windows from the corrosive effects of the elements of nature, while giving them a flawless look. If you are painting the windows yourself, make sure that you thoroughly clean the windows before applying the first coat of paint, also be careful not to paint a shut window, as it will cause the window to stick and would ruin the paint or even the window in an attempt to forcefully open it.

Get damaged parts replaced immediately

If there are any damaged parts or areas of your windows, attend to them immediately. The more you delay to repair them, it will get worse leading to more severe damages and eventually additional expenses. Also, if there are cracked panes or pointed edges, get them fixed on priority to avoid any accidents.

If you love your home, it goes beyond saying that you love your windows too and wouldn’t want to compromise on their appearance or utility. So show them the love and ensure the required maintenance. It would help keep them adding on to the beauty of your home.

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