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RE: The Wim Hof Diaries . . . Translating The Study To Plain Speak


Amazing the difference it makes ... and I'm very familiar with biologyese. Steven Pinker is one of my favorites. I've mentioned this before, but Google Jonathon Haidt ... you'd love him.

BTW, I've managed to create a minor firestorm. Come, opine:



It really does make a huge difference, I'm going to try to do more of these. I'm no expert and I have to look up a lot of terms, but I think it's worth it.

Thanks for the tip off, I'll look him up.

Ha! Re your storm, I was round at a fellow Steemian's house last night and he was showing me, I thought to myself I must jump in on that.

Surprised that you found Voice underwhelming, I'll jump in on both debates a bit later!


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