The WillowJon Show #18 "The Classroom" (Part 1)

in willowjon •  14 days ago

On this weeks episode #18 of The WillowJon Show, "The Classroom" (Part 1) WillowJon and Robby Smooth hit the Valmont bike park for some fun in the sun on the old mountain bikes.
Next we go hiking in Settlers Park and run into a cool group of people traveling across the U.S., car camping, hiking, seeing the country, and exploring National Parks and other natural landmarks.
Then we hear a bit about how WillowJon has struggled with and continues to live with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and other self-destructive behaviors and what he does to counter these to move toward a more loving, joyful, purposeful, compassionate lifestyle. #sharingjoy #willowjontv #compassion #boulder #wellness

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