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This is a poem I wrote for @papa-pepper's Wild and Strange Contest Season 7 - Round 4 poetry contest ( where a winning photo led to winning art that led to a winning meme and finally will lead us to a winning poem followed by a winning song! :)

I come from the land of of the great blue robots
A greater man summoned me here with his thoughts

He now sits here on a wooden chair
His kingly crown gripping his freshly washed hair

He also wants me to give him a pedicure
Alas, the water's no longer so very pure!

Oh, the human species, the cause of this terrible nightmare
There's just no clean water or air anywhere

The living circumstances are really so very dire
The world outside also on fire?

So much of the earth the humans they unjustly tried to claim
Now they have only themselves to blame

But now I'm finally here
And I've got some excellent beer

Drinking, thinking, I've decided to help him with his lot
I've got him the best HowTo book ever, I kid you not

Listening, he's now started to use steemit a lot
So now I'm going to help with all the Steem power that I've got

We are going to steem it every night and day
Oh, because we really wish to flag the ignorance, poverty and violence away

Our goal's to make the world a truly better place
We just need to work at a much faster pace

So get everybody onboard, learn and share some wisdom
Come on, show some love in this God's earthly kingdom

Trust me, this is the best possible and vote-worthy way
Steeming together we are going to be successful in our world come what may!

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This is a really great entry! Thanks for sharing. It's beautiful ^_^


Thank you so much @kaykunoichi! Your kind and encouraging words made my day!! :)


Thank you very much @papa-pepper! Enjoyed participating in the contest. :)

Good to hear form you @sandzat! Sorry I've not been on steemit that much lately. Good to see you are keeping busy, keep it up! Cheers!