Wildflower series ~ wild garlic

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These strange little flowers caught my eye as they were growing along the dry watercourse along the hill. At first, the seedpods were most noticeable as in spring, this plant has made flowers and seeds before it has made leaves and there are many little seed pods on stalks sticking out of the ground and if you look really closely, the tiny orange flowers become noticeable. Tulbaghia acutiloba is one of a number of plants in the Alliacae family that smell strongly of garlic and are called Wild Garlic.

wild garlic2.jpg

The wild garlic family is used medicinally the same way that ordinary garlic is and has the same antiseptic properties. This particular species of wild garlic is mainly used as a poultice to heal wounds. It can also be cooked and eaten and although it smells and tastes like garlic, it doesn't cause 'garlic breath'. It doesn't form cloves the way garlic does but has a swollen rootstock.

References: SL Lyantagaye: Ethnopharmacological and Phytochemical Review of Allium Species (sweet Garlic) and Tulbaghia Species (Wild Garlic) from Southern Africa, Tanz. J. Sci. Vol. 37 2011


Great photo!
Yes, it's wild garlic!
I really liked him!
I taught my husband to eat this wild garlic.
He was at first afraid to try it :-))
Then I taught to eat his friends from Cyprus.
It is a pity, but in Cyprus it is not ...
I really enjoyed eating it with borsch!
In Russia, this garlic is still salted and canned.

I want to grow some and use it in my house, especially since it adds flavour without giving bad breath

When I was little, I was very fond of picking wild garlic. We baked potatoes on the trench with salt and ate with garlic and bread. We then thought that it was very tasty.

That sounds good to me!

And I ate it with borscht and bread.

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Awesome photo.

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It looks abstract. Great information

Thanks. It's definitely one of the weirder ones I have seen

The flowers are really pretty (I had to google it too). I would never guess but the look that it is garlic though. I shot some wild ones that grow here and they look nothing like it.

Yeah, the garlic name comes from the smell, not the look, they are all quite different

I love garlic. I wonder if we can find wild garlic here in the US

I am sure, there is one with purple flowers that is a fairly common garden plant

Very interesting! I wonder if I could find this wild garlic in Thailand! Would be nice to have this garlic without that strong breath!

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Some of the African wild garlic family are grown as garden plants

That is absolutely beautiful!! wonderful capture my friend nikv, very beautiful angle and lovely view. love the soft colors, good job and love your style.

Thank you!

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