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What crazy-cool insects with incredible camouflage!

Stick insects are incredible, and can be found all over the world on every continent except Antarctica. This group of insects also contains the species that is the world's longest insect, although sizes, shapes, and colors can vary between individual species.

I grew up enjoying these amazing creatures in Wisconsin, and we certainly have a few down here in Arkansas too. Many of you have probably seen at least some kind of Stick Insect in your lifetime. Though some people are afraid of them, I think that they are amazing. Check out the video to learn more.

The information is the video is original but I did have a quick refresher from this source.



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I was waiting for you to post on that super cool insect! I can't get enough of them whenever I find one!

It seems very wild. Isn't it poisonous, that could make harm to human?

Never seen this one ! What a camouflage, look same like small branches! Amazing!

Indeed very good article. The nature always mesmorises me.
Keep up the good work.

I'm liking your style @papa-pepper I am new to steemit , I will take inspiration for my future posts. I am really passionate about permaculture and sustainability, I think we will have a lot in common. I look forward to following your posting.


Very cool, I am glad to hear about our common interests.

@hassenmzali Thumbs up on permaculture!!
Yeah, @papa-pepper is awesome!!

I would prefer these to enter my bathroom rather than the insects that do it now every day.


Wow this insect realy looks like black sun-glases...unbelivible nature.

Great one !

They are really cool creatures!!
I saw when you posted this video on YouTube and I've been waiting for this blog!

@papa-pepper Would you mind if I link two of my own YouTube videos for those that want to see even more of this cool creature??

The first is a comparison with the praying mantis,
And the second was a little halloween fun with a stick bug!
Awaiting your approval, thanks!!!

I think they are phasmids right? Them stick-bugs are an awesome creation of God. :)
I've seen some in my province back then. Kinda rare to see them in the city now. Lovely creepers!
And thanks for checking out my post paps, for the support. :)
Keep on steemin'!

Very cool insect!

wow, that's so cool. never seen one before. Love the pic with the one on your face :)

Where did you find that insect, in indonesia i have never found it, its amazing, is it dangerous? @papa-pepper

Wow, those sticks and leaves are moving, lol! Awesome video, they seem to like you!

That they are! Be careful, the woods are alive!

Upvoted. I'm going to resteem this now :)

wow.. mother nature's beautiful creation.. thank you for sharing with us.
Have a nice day!

Personally, I think that it was Father God, but I do agree that these are beautiful creations and incredibly designed with amazing camouflage. Thanks for checking it out! Have you seen them in real life before?

I also grew up in Wisconsin and remember playing with the walking sticks and catching lightning bugs. The only insect I have seen that I'm afraid of is wasps and that's because I'm allergic to them.

Cool! Mutual memories!

I grew up in Wisconsin as well, I remember that someone brought a "stick" for show and tell and we all sat in a circle on the floor and it walked around in the middle. I didn't like it too much when it decided that it really liked me and didn't want to get off! Great memories of "critters" growing up.

Thats some unique looking insect! Thanks for sharing

Thank you for checking it out!

At my home it's worse than in the wild

nice, a BUG fan.. very cool.. once you learn to appreciate bugs they no longer seem at ALL creepy.. I too am a bug fan and even pet cockroaches.. yea really.. to me they look as cute as they do on cartoons.. also rats looks SO cute to me! I also let big spiders live in my house with me.. They dont bother me, and i just leave them to it.. I live in the jungle in an offgrid earthship so its not quite like being in the city! We have some insane bugs and animals in the jungle i can tell you.. the giant squirrel is one not to miss.. and the 'whistling schoolboy' is a bird that sings like you never heard before.. Maybe ill record it one day and post that!

snakes however are my only fear! i cant deal with snakes!

Keep up spreading the bug love!

That looks creepy one, btw the camouflage is amazing indeed.

in my neck of the woods we call them walking sticks :) sadly I've only ever seen then in Port McNicoll Ontario no other place. thanks for sharing some info I did not know before this video :)

Haha i never knew there's an insect like that of a stick thanks to @papa-pepper

You're welcome!

There are a huge variety of them, some species in countries outside the United States are very interesting looking!
Google: stick bug or phasmids or Phasmatodea

've also found this unique stick insect. And I input to my blog.

I am thoroughly enjoying your Wild-Man series. Keep 'em coming!

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Awesome little sweat drinker! I especially like the thought of them impersonating tarantulas. Great video. Full upvote.

I was impressed to see it drinking like that. I never thought about them doing that, but it was good to give it an opportunity.

Congratulations @papa-pepper!
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