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Other than some more docile Pythons, Kingsnakes are perhaps one of the most favorite snakes in the world.

The Prairie Kingsnake (Lampropeltis calligaster) is a very cool member of the Kingsnake family. Kingsnakes often have that great reputation that comes with being a type of snake that will eat venomous varieties. Thankfully, these guys also keep the rodent population in check.

When I moved to Arkansas, the Prairie Kingsnake was the first kind of snake I found. Having no prior knowledge of them, I was a little timid at first (just a little). Of course I did capture that first one and began a friendship with the species that still continues.

This particular individual has a much fainter pattern than some others that I have met. These guys can be found in the prairies and plains of the southeastern and mid-western United States, so perhaps some of you have already met them.

The information is the video is original but I did have a quick refresher from this source.



If you enjoyed this video, please consider thanking @thelivingpoet for encouraging me to make it!

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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Kingsnake ??????
@papa-pepper how brave you are with snake?
How about with tiger?
Iam touchet with your brave Mr. Like a god of war.
So motivate to me specialy and for All steemians.
Thanks papa-pepper for sharing your snake in steemit platform. I have followed you Mr.
Hello papa nice too meet you
I hope can see in my life because
I want to cacth snake with u


I could try to find a tiger...


Not of these, the worst they can do is bite you in the face repeatedly.


plz check my blog..


He's a grumpy little fella.

Man, you sure have lots of interesting friends.


I sure do!

Thanks so much for the upvote on the article where I posted this @papa-pepper! Means a lot to a minnow like me. Have a fab weekend!


Nice work. Thanks for the promotion!

You are crazzy, hope you would be taking some medicines before this.. snake bite may harm


They may, but it is okay. I do not mind. Too often, it is humans harming them for no real reason.

Thanks for your concern though!

I see that no girls comment on @papa-pepper videos, I think they're all scared lol


LOL! What about @taraamin77?


@papa-pepper, Actually I didn't see her because she commented after me lol

I think you the kind of guy that would go crazy about the Australian wildlife! I am actually visiting Steve Irwin zoo next week. I will send you a few photos, if you like it :)


That sounds great! Please do!

You are for sure a wild man, and look the part too! Keep doing it and posting it brother!


Will do, thank you!

Oh no wild man you crazzzzzzzzy!

Those snakes look completely badass, they are some scary ass reptiles. Did you know that Freemasons/Satanists worship the serpent. @papa-pepper


Conspiracy shit eh??? Makes me shiver really.

Star of "David"

Or is it a Hex???


Yeah, that's just one of the differences between me and those guys. I'll like 'em, but won't worship them!


The way they live their lives sickens me and I hope that they find the true light through God after they realise that worshipping the snake/devil is just pure deception.

This man is very brave.

puff puff pass:)

Brought back some memories as a kid in Canada picking up garden snakes by the tail and collecting them in buckets! I distinctly remember the smell..It was unpleasant at best, do you know why they smell that way!? Thanks for the interesting posts!


They "musk." They will emit that scent from their vent in an attempt to smell and taste bad for predators. Sometimes, my @little-peppers can even smell snakes in the wild. Pretty cool stuff!


Awesome thank you so much for the reply! Mom always made me wash my hands after snake catching and now I can tell her it was musk!

so much fun to see those episodes! thnxs for this!


I like to keep it varied, and WILD!

It is so adorable!!
Love that selfie!! :)
Thanks for sharing!
I learn something new everyday reading your posts <3


Yeah, I like doing the "proof" selfies! Thanks so much!

Even looking at snakes is enough to give me shivers and you're handling them with ease. You're really a "Snake man"@papa-pepper.


I'm a lot of things, but yes, "snake-man" is on the list... maybe even near the top!


Haha, great stuff @papa-pepper.

Thaat snake. Dang, surely it will give me nightmare🤤. Hehehe

This is the first post I have seen of yours, i really enjoyed you explaining about the Prairie King Snake. Do they have them in Iowa? I live along the Eastern side of Iowa, She looked tame. I look forward to seeing more posts. And am following.


I know that there are some really cool snakes in Iowa, not exactly sure about this one though.

Good morning greets from Germany


Good night from Arkansas! (1am)


Oh yes thats true. I forgot the time difference.good night😆

@papa-pepper. You are opening up a whole new world of animal kingdom close up to me. And your Engagement is awesome !!!. Reminds me of the national geographic magazine that I used to read when young.


Glad you like it!

I afraid of snake

Snakes are fun to look at and observe, but I'll withhold touching them. The ones here in Cali aren't very friendly hehe ^_^


I'd still like to meet them! We have less friendly ones too, but I still try to make friends!


Knowing you, they'd probably be wrapping them selves up around you giving snake hugs!

Snakes are the most mysterious creatures in the world. There are lot of superstitions associated with snakes particularly in India.


There are a lot of superstitions about them all over the world, but I believe that India may even have more than usual. Do you like them?


I don't like superstitions I believe snakes are useful reptiles that survive on rodents that cause a great harm to crops.

I used to hold Garter snakes until one dumped its stinky stuff on me, so now I don't hold them any more. I was also bit by what my father incorrectly called Daddy Longleg spiders. Only in adulthood did I read that daddy longlegs spin webs and the spider I was bit by did not. I was holding the spider and it wanted to run off me, but I kept putting my other hand in front so that it ran from hand to hand. It got fed up running and took a bite of my hand. It hurt and I flicked it off and it got what it wanted.

Crazy how if animals like snakes are taken out of the ecosystem, you could experience massive spikes in rodent populations and other such unintended consequences. Wolves are also an incredible force in the ecosystem.

Check out this wicked video of a snake regurgitating another LIVE snake!


Cool video, I've seen stuff like that before.

I can't help but think how much of a scare it would give me if I stumbled upon one of these while out for a walk!

UpVote ... make it a Slogan for Steemit ..

I've seen a lot of speckled king snakes up here in NWA, but I've never met a prairie king snake-- I wouldn't have known what that was.

You - timid?? Finding that a little hard to picture ;)

Bah if its not big enough to rip you to shreds its not a real animal. Who wants to be stung by a scorpion and die ? Wouldn't you rather be eaten by a bear or shark ?


Who wants to be stung by a scorpion

My mouth tastes like stinging!

Nice article :)


Thank you @networkallstar!

You look to brave to touch that wild animal.


Thank you!

Had to upvote and follow! Your blog is pretty awesome

I'm really weak to snake even their 20 feet's from me , I will get panic and lose my mind. You one of hella man. Nice work!


Thank you for still checking it out.

Another hit keep em coming. Love the video with the snake biting too!


LOL- Yeah, it was my own original way of proving a point. Even if some snakes are doing the worst thing that they can do (biting you in the face) they still are not really dangerous.

That's real art there, how do your hold it together when you touch these animals especially the snakes.... nuff respect, big time, you are the man


Hold it together? Actually, I kind of live for this stuff!


I would crack under the snake, give me anything else, I probably keep it together, but the snake would crack me

I like snakes. ^-^


Me too! Thank you @k-pop!

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Steve Irwin of snakes? 😁


Too big of a compliment!

I use to catch these and the speckled king snake (what we called them, the black ones with the yellow/white spots all over) when I was a kid. They are fairly docile too I believe, much less cantakerous than the black rat snake. I used to catch those as well, but got bit by them a few times. Never got bit by a king snake.


These guys?


That's the fella himself. Really nice snakes. I was always always taught that they were a helpful species and that any basement or garden or shed was better off for having one.

Thanks.....great informational series.

Amazing snake and some cool pictures. I look forward to these posts, thanks for sharing.