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Back to a creature with a little more bite than that fuzzy bunny last time.

The Copperhead Snake (Agkistrodon contortrix) is one of those few snakes in North America that people really fear. In fact, they fear them so much, they call just about any snake a Copperhead and attempt to kill them instantly. Unfortunately, such fear and reactions are not quite as necessary as some would think.

Though they are venomous, bites from Copperheads are rarely fatal. Part of the "problem" with Copperheads is that they are unlikely to run away from you. Many snakes will attempt to take off at the sight of a human (I know, I have to chase them) but the Copperhead will often remain motionless. Since their coloration and camouflage blends into their environment so well, it is better for them to remain still if they want to be undetected. However, this makes them easier to step on unaware.

Copperheads give live birth and do not lay eggs. Want to learn more? If so, watch the video below.

The information is the video is original but I did have a quick refresher from this source.



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Until next time…

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Wow that's cool @papa-pepper
I see you holding a snake, and that is very amused for me... :D
I have never held a snake until now. I want to know what it feels like.

Thanks for share this cool things :)

"I have never held a snake until now."

Are you currently holding a snake?

I still have my tank and supplies. Makes me want to go get a new pet king snake!

Nice video and very informative. Unfortunately, when i see a snake, I will most likely go in the opposite direction haha.

That's one scary looking creature😄

Congratulations @papa-pepper!
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You da man!

Yuck! Very good video about copper heads snakes. I don't like snakes!
The only good snake is a dead snake. I know..... they have their place, I just don't like it when they want to come share mine.

Jesus, you sir, have some cojones. I'd be needing a new pair of trousers if I got within a half mile of one of those things, and there you are handling it like its not scary at all to you! Fair play!

wowwwww...!! I love snakes...and these pictures are amazing....:D

I would be absolutely terrified
Thanks for sharing these videos!

Speaking of snakes, LOL......I did not have a great childhood in some respects, or good family times most of the time, TBH. I am not a snake guy!!

I hope you do not mind this today here....

I actually touched on that today when I wrote this post today and named you as a good dad type.

Came to find you to let you know about this and there is not a perfect segway from snakes, to Father's Day. (:

I would normally drop this link on an older post of yours where the action has died down as you know but this is topical and maybe someone else or a even a single mom or single parent needs to see this today, and be encouraged.

Have a great week my friend.

I love the rooster in the background!!

Man we have those. I have a creek in my backyard and we get em down by the creek. I need to get more black snakes here on the property to run them off. Good post.

Cool vid. I wouldn´t pick that bad boy up but I appreciate your guts.
Its good to know how to recognize these wild animals so you know what to do and how if you stumble upon one in the wild

Wow, its like you have a pet store.

A pretty cool wild pet store!

whatever you do , please do not harm the rabbit...

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Copperheads are beautiful. And often eaten by speckled kingsnakes (one of may favorite snakes). We had them on our street in Fayetteville:

They are very beautiful!

So true about people thinking everything is a copperhead. I remember people seeing black racers and saying, hey, I think that's a copperhead. Kill it!

That sounds all too familiar!

One of our cemeteries is full of them... One of the guys that worked there could smell them! I know how that sounds, but it's absolutely true. I didn't know snakes even had an odor!

know more about the copperhead now, awesome
valuable info

They like rainy wet places so you probably see them every day dude.


Have a great week DIV!!!

I know we are missing each other as usual. Uggh.

Be well my friend.

thank you for this info. I was always afraid of copperheads for no reason. I will still be careful but now I am more knowledgeable thanks

Love your critter features, they're always informative and entertaining and show me a part of America that I haven't seen in person. Thanks @papa-pepper! Upvoted and resteemed 😉😊

cool snakes!

Guess I am watching all of your videos on wild animals I might be seeing here soon in Texas. The Cooper head is definitely one of the snakes we have will see eventually.

Read through some of the comments...I'll be watching your kingsnake next! Haha. Hopefully the kingsnake will eat copperheads.

Although, won't they also eat my chickens too?? Lol!!!!

Crazy, i have a very good understanding of my relationship with snakes, I basically make sure to stay out of their way and let them be. As luck has it tho I stay on a small holding next a game reserve and we have frequent visitors to catch and push in a diff direction.

Thanks for sharing...i love snakes...actully posted a few times about them. Looking forward to your next post.

that's amazing bro

You ever eat one of these?

they stink when you cook them

@xtrodinarypilot thats gross lol.. have you ever eaten any kind of snakes?


thats pretty badass man haha wow

Northern Water Snake?

I must be honest... I couldn't tell. That was at the bottom of Little Big Cup on the patio after a flood and I was called out to remove it.

I thought it was a water moccasin but then in the south, any snake in the water is called a cottonmouth

Based on the prints on the snake, I'm 99.99% certain it was a Northern Water Snake.

I'm going to hold on to that 1% that I was correct. I hate being wrong lol. JK you are probably right. I do appreciate you bringing that to my attention because Someone in my neighborhood thinks they have a cottonmouth. I told them it's probably a Northern Water Snake but I won't get a pic til I get there. THX

Next time, I'll check for pits first and snap a shot. Maybe you can let me know.

I have eaten python which was surprisingly delicious. ive tried countless times to cook snakes that i have killed but they always start smelling rancid.

Yup, I've had them grilled and deep fried. Both are tasty.

creepy buggers these snakes are... i hate the sight of them...

oww!!whats the name of it??

I can't think of anything worse than thinking about a copperhead giving birth to live snakes. You have just ruined my sausage breakfast. HAHAHAHA We need to be really carefully of these here in Texas. We live on an acre with chickens and a dry usually creek bed known for harboring snakes. Cool photos, you snake handler!

Goodness gracious you and your You are amazing!

Here you go again picking up snakes! Haha! Nice one.

Good explanation of the difference between venomous and poisonous. I also did not know that most copperhead bites were not fatal. I always equated them to the same level as rattlesnakes.

It is kind of a "pet peeve" of mine, people calling snakes poisonous. I do not think any snakes are poisonous, you can eat them all! LOL

Happy Father's Day dear [email protected]
I hope you are enjoying surrounded by all your family and friends,
Have a beautiful sunday

Thank you my friend!

Another one of God's beautiful creatures, great post bro, the way you handle them with respect and have so much knowledge is admirable. Just messaged you on by the way

Wow that's pretty cool! I couldn't imagine grabbing a copperhead while it's opening its mouth and exposing its fangs, but nonetheless snakes are fascinating creatures, especially the copperhead which, unlike other snakes, doesn't lay eggs. I wonder if there are any King Cobras in the States.....

I actually have very little experience with venomous snakes, I just understand snakes in general, so I go with it.

Yup I think that is a very good thing, especially since the folks with the most experience with venomous snakes are probably not around anymore lol. Looking forward to meeting your next wild friend! :)

Bad reputation but a gorgeous animal.


wow another great episode :) I really love your wild friends series ;)

Really interesting post you have! pretty cool how they give birth and not lay eggs! Thanks for sharing!

I didn't know that about the live births.

Thanks for the video!

With copperheads, I think the bigger risk is with dogs that encounter them. The smaller dogs can end up with real emergencies. The larger dogs can take the bite easier. My parents had a big old hounddog that enjoyed tangling with copperheads. Her head would swell up to the size of a horse head, but she would always recover. Their other dog was a smaller terrier and only tangled with a copperhead once. He had to get to the vet immediately. But he learned to stand and bark from a distance. Copperheads have a distinctive smell, so some dogs can really find them.

Thats the way I used to look at snakes, a snake is a snake. But where we live there seems to be alot more of the friendly guys then unfriendly guys. Thanks for the info sir.

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"Skin it and make a belt tutorial" would be awesome too... 😎 J/K dont skin it for godsake

Cool article! Thanks for posting.

Hay Papa is it true that copperheads might colocated with rattle snakes?

It's good to point out that they are rarely fatal. They are a beautiful snake and, I believe, there are no confirmed cases in the US of them ever fatally biting someone. If anything they are a larger danger to dogs and cats who sniff to close and get tagged on the nose, but even then a healthy dog or cat will usually survive the bite.

You sir are amazing.

Papa-pepper, we've got an #Arkansas tag going now too!

We have some fat rattlers strong here but I usually use a shovel and stick to move them, sometimes I've had to kill them and I don't like to do either or.