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RE: The project's first steem transfers and received donations

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Hi, this info is written in the wiki page How to obtain the STEEM client, created and edited by @someguy123. We hope he could aswer your question or at least anyone can also edit the page, adding your comments or updating the information.


I've registered and started a discussion on the site now.

Hi, until we don't have the position of the page creator about your questions I changed the wiki page info from "The official client" to "One popular client". What do you think? Thanks for the comments!

I think that will do well for now. Maybe we should also include why it is popular, as explained by @someguy123 in separate comment:

Steemit Inc. created steemd - which is equivalent to the bitcoind or Bitcoin-QT (Bitcoin Core) client of BTC. Witnesses, seeds, and miners all run steemd - infact Steemit only works because it connect's to Steemit's steemd server via javascript.

Steemit isn't an independent client, as it relies on the steemd server ran by Steemit Inc. -though some may consider it a "web client".

Edit: I published my own suggestion. Hope you like it.

Great suggestion, I liked it very much. Thanks and welcome to wiki again!

Thank you for participating!

I've stumbled upon a problem with confirming my email on the site:

Steem Center requires that you validate your email address before using email features. Activate the button below to send a confirmation mail to your address. The mail will include a link containing a code; load the link in your browser to confirm that your email address is valid.

Steem Center could not send your confirmation mail. Please check your email address for invalid characters.

Mailer returned: Unknown error in PHP's mail() function.

A confirmation code has already been emailed to you; if you recently created your account, you may wish to wait a few minutes for it to arrive before trying to request a new code.

No confirmation has been recieved for over 20 minutes.

Odd, AFAIK confirmation emails are turned off. According to the database your account is created and confirmed already.

Yes, odd indeed. Sending the request to change adress twice seems to confirm the adress without need for a confirmation email. The error is still displayed.

Thank you for notifying! Although the wiki owner and creator @someguy123 aproved it, our project is independent and the management of the wiki and @steemcenterwiki are apart.

Is the below quote still accurate?

'''To prevent spam, we require users to be verified before editing.''' Simply sign up, and then PM Someguy123 on and you'll be added ASAP.

When I first signed up to the site, it said "email optional" so I didn't put one in. I then signed up successfully without email.

When I tried to put one in, just so I would recieve email notifications if possible, I got the error previously described.

But then when I tried to resend the request, the email was changed without any confirmation sent to my email adress.

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