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Hi steemians! We're glad to announce that, beggining this year when we celebrate the project’s third anniversary, we went through January 2020 with 2 participants, both of them contributed in Steem.center editing, updating or creating new wiki pages in this year's first month.

As listed in the Active Users List page, the 2 participants in January are @petrvl (1 action) and @wagnertamanaha (33 actions). Thank you very much!

We invite you to check all our collaborator's work effort, resulting in hundreds of wiki pages in 20 different languages, visiting the link: All Pages.

As proposed in the Rules, now the project wants to transfer to the participants 60% of all the STEEM collected by @steemcenterwiki in January, that is the amount of 3.241 STEEM. Here is our current sharing calculation table:

January 2020 STEEM Reward Distribution

ParticipantWiki ActionsVd ShareVp ShareTotal Share
S =3.241

S = 3.241 (60% of the STEEM collected)
Vd = Unit of value to be tranfered to all registered monthly active wiki users (60% of the S value)
Vp = Unit of value to be transfered proportionaly to the number of wiki actions (40% of the S value)

We shared one Google Spreadsheet with these calculations so anyone could check. If there isn't any flag or complaint about these numbers, until next week the project will transfer the values above.

In January we had a new registered user in Steem.center: @bitcoinmafia. Welcome! You can start collaborating with us anytime you want, doing that you also became entitled to receive STEEM shares in next distributions.

Thanks to all project's participants, followers and suporters, let's collaborate to transform Steem.center in the wiki about all steem related things!

If you think our wiki content is useful please donate any STEEM value to increase all participants shares. Or make any STEEM Power delegation (check in the rules our upvotes routine) to @steemcenterwiki. Also follow, upvote or resteem this post.

And also thanks to @someguy123, the owner and creator of Steem.center who soon approved the project when proposed by @wagnertamanaha three years ago.

Join the project!

If you support our proposal just join us to create a collective knowledge platform aiming to help new steemians, advanced users or developers. We want to turn Steem.center in the wiki of all things Steem. You are invited to collaborate in the project, check the rules to know our proposal in keep rewarding the wiki participants monthly again in 2020. If you want to be in the next distribution list to earn a share of the STEEM collected by this account, please follow us here in @steemcenterwiki, register in Steem.center with your Steem username. Then start to collaborate!

You can find suggestions to start new pages in Articles for Creation and use the sandbox page to test and play wiki editions for free. We suggested some loosely guidelines and if you need just ask for a personal response in Steem.chat #wiki channel.

Again, we invite you to support the project with donations, just transfer any STEEM value or STEEM Power delegation to @steemcenterwiki. Or follow us, upvote, reply or resteem this post.

Thank you very much and good luck again!

A proposal to automate the @steemcenterwiki rewards distribution

In February last year @wagnertamanaha suggested An idea of a Mediawiki extension to connect with Steem blockchain and its content reward system. It was his first attempt to participate in the old @utopian-io project as a proposal to the open source programmers. If you are a Steem or Mediawiki developer feel free to share any feedback that could help to make this idea feaseble and profitable. With the recent launch of the Steem DAO Proposals it could be an opportunity to make an entry there too.

Alternative monetization with Palnet and @steem-ua

Togheter with the default donations and upvotes received, any new idea that can help us increasing our rewards pool is welcomed. As we shared in the post Thanks to Palnet.io for increasing our rewards pool! Also check the recent updated Steem.center wiki pages in English and Portuguese last June, we had a welcomed increase in the participant's shares. We'll continue posting with palnet tag and convert half of the Palcoins tokens to the rewards pool, the other half we'll stake in Pal Power to upvote the participants posts the same way we do with the Steemit account. We are also delegating 50 SP to subscribe to the @steem-ua alternative reputation project. Any other idea to improve our economic model please feel free to reply with your opinions or suggestions in this post or in our Steem.chat #wiki channel.
Thanks again to all followers, collaborators and donators! Let's continue contributing to transform Steem.center in the wiki about all things Steem!



Image credits: illustrations and design by @wagnertamanaha.

Steem.center : About | STEEM Rewards | Rules


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