Happy New Year! 2019 - Second anniversary of our project supporting Steem.center as the wiki of all things Steem

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Hi steemians! Today is January Second and we wish you a Happy New Year! Two years ago we introduced our @steemcenterwiki project - Introduction - Rewarding Steem.center wiki editors with steem too - aiming to collect STEEM tokens to reward the collaborators of Steem.center, a wiki created by @someguy123 to be the center of all things Steem.

After 2 years with a lot of wiki contributions, content/curation payouts and donations received we want to thank all readers, friends, participants and donators. Reaching the project's first and now the second anniversary is a celebration for our collaborators and supporters kind interest, hard work and helpful talent.

In 2019 we hope to continue growing the rewards and keep transforming the Steem.center in the wiki of all things Steem related. We wish this year we could create and update wiki pages about things like the Smart Media Tokens, news about the broken records of blockchain transactions capacity, bios about successfull old and new steemians, lists with links to help exploring the even larger Steem ecosystem and articles discussing the economy and sociology of us, planktons, minnows, dolphins, whales and witnesses included, who challenged to manage cryptocurrencies, content and interactions in a social media world into the blockchain.

In our second anniversary we invite you to continue making Steem.center a big and open platform of collective knowledge to serve from new steemians to advanced users and developers.

Thank you very much, good luck and Happy New Year again!

If you are interested, you can take a look in these wiki articles about Steem.center itself and our reward project:

Or read our last post about last year Voluntary Month's participants.

We noticed that we already have the first 2019 collaboration on the wiki. Thanks and New Year greetings to @aiyumi and @wagnertamanaha!
We also have a new users registration this year: Steemexperts‎. Welcome and thank you! We still are looking for your username on Steemit. We hope you could start collaborating to join the group with the rights to receive STEEM rewards after creating, translating or updating pages in the wiki.

Thank you very much, good luck, Happy Birthday (participants and donators, consider it yours too) and Happy New Year again!

Project's Balance

At this begginig of 2019 we have 57.468 STEEM in our wallet, as we did all last year, 60% of all STEEM collected in January - 34.480 STEEM - would be shared among this month's participants. Check our project's rules proposed two years ago and updated last year to join us if you like. Or just upvote and resteem this post to increase the collected amount as an incentive to new participants.

Join the project!

If you liked our proposal, come to join us this year to transform Steem.center in the wiki of all things Steem related. We invite you to check the Rules and to join the project. If you want to be in the next distribution list to earn a share of the STEEM collected by this account, please follow us here in @steemcenterwiki, register in Steem.center with your Steemit username. Then start the year of 2019 making wiki collaborations!

You can find some suggestions to start new pages in Articles for Creation and use the sandbox page to test and play wiki editions for free. We proposed some loosely guidelines and if you need just ask for a personal response in Steem.chat #wiki channel.

You can also support the project with donations, just transfer any STEEM value or STEEM Power delegation (see in the rules our upvotes routine) to @steemcenterwiki. Or follow us, upvote, reply or resteem this post.

Testing Dclick as an alternative to improve our reward pool

We recently started publishing through the @dclick, an initiative sponsored by Steem Witness @clayop to work as an incentivized ad platform by Proof of Click. Despite the donations and upvotes received, anything that can help to increase our rewards pool is welcomed. We also are delegating 50 SP to subscribe to the @steem-ua alternative reputation project. All wiki participant with ideas to improve our economic model please feel free to reply with your opinions or proposals here or in our Steem.chat #wiki channel.

Happy new year and thanks again to all collaborators, followers and donators! Let's continue contributing to make Steem.center in the wiki about all things Steem!



Image credits: pictures under Creative Commons license on Flickr by James Niland and Matt MacGillivray. Design by @wagnertamanaha.

Steem.center : About | STEEM Rewards | Rules

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