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RE: Updating developer portal - What would you suggest?

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What would you suggest?

To hire someone, to tell you the exact answers.

Seriously, people, 100% seriously.
Marketcap of Steem is 100.000.000 $.
It's a serious money. It would be perfectly reasonable to pay some real experts 100.000 $ per month to fix the problem.

Invest 1% of the value to create 100% of value (for those not good at math, to make Steem about 1 $ worth again)

If you still want several free advice from me (*absolute amateur):

  • Make RT publish the collaboration PUBLICLY
  • Put Steem on Crypto ATMs
  • Bring some people from YT and Patreon

Hiring people helps, but it doesn't always solve the problem.

You can hire someone to look at it and say "this is what i'd fix" and they'd have some good opinions. However there's people that've been using this dev portal for a lot longer than the new hire and those people have been using it long enough to have a fair assesment on their pain points with the current site.

Also i dig your suggestions personally however this is more about their dev portal and not entirely their site (although i do wish to see more of steem and more people on it) but IMO it seems outside the scope of this post

this post by just another unknown account is just another attempt by the Steemit 1% to lure in more suckers and divert attention from the real causes that are responsible for the decline of the platform - don't get fooled

Well, that wouldn't be correct since were self-funding this project as of now. There are many on our team who don't even have over 3k Steem. This is something that has been a long time coming.

Will it make the price goes up? Will it bring new users? Will it retain people? Will it attract new investers? If the number of No is 3 or 4 - it's not very useful thing to do.

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Given enough users and or business people are ported in yes it could have some sort of effect. We can't say it will moon, but its an easy resource to bring in the talent we require in the community.

Generally speaking, you are right, but the problem is deeper.
Steemit is such a bad product, that people are not willing to use it even if you got paid for it.

Would you buy Yugo:

No? Ok, would you drive it if it's given to you, for free?

Still not?

If you get 100$ per day - ok, you would.

Now you can see how badly made this product is.

Just as Yugo, it was fine several years (decades) ago, but today - no

I don’t necessarily think the fact they’re asking for advice from real users is a bad thing, with a high majority of users who are capable of developing on the Blockchain utilising this resource is a bit of a no brainer. They can get feedback about real problems that the community have encountered. In my opinion things like this are iterative and where they’re starting makes sense.

I don’t disagree that there is a need for some professional services needed to help create a more pro look and feel both to marketing and the overall chain, but asking developers for feedback about something they’re likely very familiar with doesn’t seem crazy to me.

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I don't know, I'm not an expert. However, I have never heard anything like: BMW asks customers where to put a button

Facebook never asked me what is my vision on Facebook. Maybe my feedback would be useful, but there were no elections concerning FB.

I also can't remember that CocaCola and Ferrari ever asked people: "should we stay red"

Democracy is a great thing if the topic is not obscure for the voter.

In the case of BMW button, I could ask them to put hexagonal one, but the guy from plastic moulding will say no, or a designer or someone in charge for a supply chain, or...

Steem(it) is 3 years old. If they were not able to deliver anything intuitively reasonable:

  • WYSIWYG editor
  • different skins/ layouts
  • various WP-like plugins widgets

They have no capacity to deliver beyond soft cosmetics

It's not directed to the users, the message is directed to the developers. They want free developers, so that the big trolls like themarkymark etc. can go on draining the last steem out of this platform

No waaaay. But, but, I was thinking it's all about the community and that my voice is worth something :'(

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